Thursday, August 18, 2011

ANNIE'S CAPS - Possible Dress Code Violation ;)


“Hello, I’m Frieda O’Day, and these are my daughters, Nicole and Leigh. We just moved from Ohio and today I’m registering my girls in your high school.”

“Umm… Ms. O’Day, I’m James Wills, the principal here at Fillmore High, and I’m afraid we had several problems with admitting your daughters. We called your old school district, and they helped enlighten to several – err, changes.”

“Mr. Wills, before we left, I had filed all of the necessary paperwork to change the names and gender of my children. Their files were under their boy names - Nathan for Nicole and Lawrence for Leigh. And I would assume they told you about my former identity as their father, Franklin. This is why we left that place – they were a little too backward to accept our gender changes. I should know – I was a teacher before I came out as Frieda, and I got plenty of grief from the town gossips & the school board. I was hoping I’d get less crap here in the city.”

“Trust me, Ms. O’Day, we’re very liberal here and have a well defined gender and sexual orientation culture here. Neither of you are the first LBGT families in our district. That’s not the point – rather, it’s your dress – or lack of it. What you are wearing would not even come close to meeting our dress code.”

“Sir, my sister and I were just helping our mom out with her recent photo shoot. She’s now a supermodel and her photographer asked us to dress like this.”

“Yea, we jumped at the chance. After the hormones gave us cute curves, it’s been fun to wear stocking, garters, and these silky things. It’s just for fun!”

“Mr. Smith, trust me, we plan on following the rules here at Fillmore High. We had to take a cab over from the studio where we were shooting. We had to rush to make it before your closed registrations. Sorry for the sight – you must have thought my daughters and I were a trio of whorish street walkers! “

“Very well, we should be able to finish your registrations today. By the way, you girls are all quite as lovely as your mother.”

“Mr. Wills, you charmer!”

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