Saturday, August 13, 2011

ANNIE'S CAPS - New Sensations for a former father and son

New Sensations

Paul Hayes shuddered in his newly feminized body as he silently watched his son Kevin began to suck on his new boyfriend’s cock.

“Oh, Kayla… have I driven you to such humiliation? I know that my gambling debts need to be paid, but to have the mob turns us into shemale sluts? What kind of fa- oh my… she looks like she’s enjoying the new sensation of his fat… juicy… treat…”

Despite herself, the newly minted Phoebe began to rub her tits and moan like the horny bitch she had become.

Kayla heard this, slipped Kevin’s organ out of her lips, and cooed, “Mom… Kevin’s boss George will be here in a hour. In the

meantime, wanna share?”

Phoebe grinned, stripped off her mini dress, and kneeled down next to her new daughter. That night, “mom” and “daughter” bonded in a way they never dreamed of months prior.

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