Thursday, August 11, 2011

ANNIE'S CAPS - Just in time for the football preseason ;)

Yea Team!!

Samuel Crane, 45, and his college age sons Jason, 21, and Mike, 20, have loved pro football all of their lives. They live and die for their favorite team, the Silverbacks. But perhaps they have taken their fandom a little too far?

Jason came home one day in drag, and “she” actually looked pretty cute. Her dad and bro laughed, until they saw a new blonde ‘Backs cheerleader who looked awfully familiar. The appeal of being so close to their beloved team must have warped their minds, because now “mom” and “sis” tried out and made the squad!

Does anyone know their secrets? Well, the owner, the general manager, and the entire defensive line know all about these sexy sissy whores, but so long as they help “boost team spirit”, they will always have a place on the Silverback sidelines…

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