Sunday, August 28, 2011

ANNIE'S CAPS - David, Dad, and the Debutante Ball


At this moment, David Morgan wishes he was home. Playing video games, or even doing math homework.

But here he was stepping out of a rented limousine, wearing a gold Lamaze gown, with strappy heels, a blonde wig, and some body parts manipulated to match his wardrobe.

Tonight, David was Denise, and she was making her debut, under the watchful eye of her father Curt – except that Curt had his own gown, heels, wig, and “modifications” and was grinning from ear to ear, playing the role of Carla, Denise’s proud mother. And it was Carla who arranged for her date’s nephew to escort the 17 year old “daughter” to the Turnabout Debutante Ball.

Denise felt frozen in fear about showing her feminized body to the world, but her mom had no fears, and she was really enjoying holding hands and cuddling up to her date George. Then Denise saw Gary, her escort with the same appreciative look that George gave Carla – and it empowered her, just like any beautiful woman knows.

Carla’s heart swelled like any proud mom’s would – and both George and Gary swelled in their own way…

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