Sunday, August 7, 2011

ANNIE'S CAPS - Artistry

My son, Donald grew up appreciating my life as an artist. I loved to paint on canvas, and by age 12, he picked up a brush and starting creating on his own. Donnie, like I, was quiet, shy, and unassuming. He also took after his dad in another special way; he had a feminine side.

Before she died, my wife Kristine encouraged me to indulge in dressing in her clothes and trying on her makeup and wigs. She also gave Donnie the same outlet.

Donnie enjoyed spending time as Debby – much like I, Barry, had found some solace being Brenda. On or around the anniversary of Kris’s death, Donnie brought me into our studio for a special unveiling.

“This painting is called Mother and Daughter ,” he announced as he pulled the cover off the canvas.

The subjects were a mother and daughter – two beautiful bare beauties with their dark hair tied up, lovingly posing with each other – their beautifully feminine bodies , bright eyes, and soft smiles told a story that until that day, we were afraid to tell the world.

“Those beautiful girls – that’s who I see you and I as – Mom. And don’t you think that art imitates life?”

And SHE was right.

Recently, my dear daughter was accepted to attend Cooper Union. We’re chose together to embrace our creative, female identities, and now we’re going to celebrate like women the we are today. Our boyfriends are taking us to New York to start the next exciting, passionate and remarkable chapter of our lives!

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