Sunday, August 21, 2011

400 POSTS!! Thank you from Annie - with a salute to summer! :)

If Brian and I are able to pull this off, it will be a summer we’ll never forget. If not, we’ll never be able to show our face in this state again. But we’re so ready.

Those little pills really have softened our skin and given us some breast and butt formation. The hair extensions really make us look like a couple of hot blondes. Electrolysis was painful but it worked so well.

We have everything we need, including IDs as Nancy and Bethany. The condo is still in the name of Neal Jones, but the manager was told that Neal’s sister and her daughter were staying there this summer.

The full wardrobe of dresses, shoes, lingerie, and of course – bikinis – cost a fortune, as did the makeup, hair and skin care. We practiced on our voices, our walk, and getting used to the breast enhancers and “the tuck”.

School’s finally out and we dressed as women before leaving at 4 in the morning. I sure hope this works out and we have the time of our lives!

“Hey, Mom, this is Ryan. His dad is inviting us to have a BBQ here on the beach. Ryan, this is my mom Nancy. What do you think, Mom?”

“Ryan, that’s so sweet of you and your dad. Bethany and I would love to join you for dinner. “

And we had a great time! So did Ryan AND Tony ! ;)

It would be a summer that the four of us would never forget!

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