Sunday, August 21, 2011

400 Post/200 Subscriber Celebration and Inspiration for "One Crazy Summer"

Just after Valentine's Day 2009, I made my first post here on Blogger: I posted an all caption version of Karen Elizabeth L's "Family Changes" - still my all time favorite TG story - and my first original caption post and on we went from there. :) This blog came to replace a couple of years of posting on Yahoo Groups and my oldest posted work goes back about 4-5 years - and I have been a TG fan for longer of course.

I realize that some of you really love the exotic and wicked stuff - and some of you love the sweet and innocent. Always using a plot device with two family member males going female sometimes makes it hard, but usually a photo or image "tells" me the story I'd love to deliver. My grammar and plot devices aren't always the best but I'm not writing a term paper here. :p

Thank you to all who have visited and espcially those who have subscribed and commented! Special thanks to sisters like Femur, Jezzi Belle Stewart, Lorna Samuels, Becky, Diane Leonard, Evie, Alectra, Tifany/Barbie, and so many others who also love to create and revel in this arena. I use the term sisters intentional because to me, you are all family!

My 400th post - "One Crazy Summer" tells a story similar to the caption above by Diane, who has from time to time shared a caption with me before posting on her own wonderful blog. Again, thank you all - and have a great last month of summer (here in the northern hemisphere - I do know that FT has visitors from all six major continents)

Love you,
Annabelle Raven

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