Tuesday, August 30, 2011

ANNIE'S CAPS - Shame On Us!

on us

“William Martin – shame on you for being such a poor role model to your son Carlton – taking him to a tawdry strip club on his 18th birthday,” said my cousin Tonya as she chastised me.

“Look, since my wife Denise died last year, the boy and I haven’t spent much time together,” I said in my defense.

“I know why you chose it to, cuz – you ain’t that much of a man but you’re ashamed to let your child know. So let me introduce you to your DAUGHTER – Cassandra,” she smirked.

OMG – it was my pride and joy, looking as fine as any young woman her age. She spoke in a soft voice that my son never had.

“I used to watch you and Momma dress on Halloween as sisters, and I always wished that I could have dressed up like my two moms and gone out to party with some studs. How about you let Auntie Tonya make you up like my sexy

mother Whitney and we go celebrate my birthday as ladies?”

Shame on me for not realizing that Cassi and I would be closer as mom/daughter than ever! And we bonded over strippers again, but this time we got up close and personal with some fine ass men!

And yes , we both now enjoy putting our soft, pretty lips around these kinds of “straws!”

Sunday, August 28, 2011

ANNIE'S CAPS - David, Dad, and the Debutante Ball


At this moment, David Morgan wishes he was home. Playing video games, or even doing math homework.

But here he was stepping out of a rented limousine, wearing a gold Lamaze gown, with strappy heels, a blonde wig, and some body parts manipulated to match his wardrobe.

Tonight, David was Denise, and she was making her debut, under the watchful eye of her father Curt – except that Curt had his own gown, heels, wig, and “modifications” and was grinning from ear to ear, playing the role of Carla, Denise’s proud mother. And it was Carla who arranged for her date’s nephew to escort the 17 year old “daughter” to the Turnabout Debutante Ball.

Denise felt frozen in fear about showing her feminized body to the world, but her mom had no fears, and she was really enjoying holding hands and cuddling up to her date George. Then Denise saw Gary, her escort with the same appreciative look that George gave Carla – and it empowered her, just like any beautiful woman knows.

Carla’s heart swelled like any proud mom’s would – and both George and Gary swelled in their own way…

Friday, August 26, 2011

MOTB: Hen Party

MOTB Tales :

Welcome to the HEN PARTY!

My wife Barb are so proud of our son Jacob as he prepares to marry his darling Debbie – but her family is a little bit more uptight than ours, so they would have frowned on me taking Jake and his buddies out for a bachelor party with binge drinking and strippers giving lap dances – but Barb and I had a great plan B for the young lovers.

We made sure that Kate and her daughter Jenna came to Debbie’s henparty. You see, Kate is the other me – when I’m not being boring old CPA Ken. I’ve been both supportive husband and best girlfriend to my Barbie, and she loves having a husband who enjoys shopping for cute clothes, and sharing a cock or two – hundred; yea, we’re a little wild and unconventional.

And if you didn’t figure it out, Jenna is Jacob, and has been since she debuted at the womanless pageant Jake’s school had his junior year (she won, of course). I took Jenna out on a double date the day she turned 18, and that night I saw her become a woman, as we had a blast as a sexy mom/daughter combo.

Well the good news is that Deb is not nearly as prudish as the rest of her family. She caught on early to the identities of Kate and Jenna, and the four of us enjoyed the show as four or five pieces of prime beefcake strutted across the stage, their lovely cocks glistening.

Barbie slipped Tony and Shawn $200 each and invited them back to our private suite at the club. Barb & Deb worked on Tony’s schlong while my Jenna and I lavishly sucked and swallowed Shawn.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

ANNIE'S CAPS - Where In The World... are her husband and son?


Richard Anderson was the city’s best PI for hire. Today an heiress who’s husband Roger and son Wayne haven’t been seen in two years hired Anderson to locate them.

“Hopefully they haven’t gone far – I’ll give you an update in a week,” he promised, and he drove to his modest home in a quiet neighborhood.

His MILFy new girlfriend, Raquel, and her hottie coed daughter Willow – each a curvy blonde slut - laughed as he described his new assignment.

“Mom, isn’t it ironic that Daddy here knows exactly where those two naughty boys are?”

Raquel licked her lips and agreed.

“Baby girl, not only does he know where they are – he knows what they both want – they

want what is in his pants.”

Now shirtless, Dick Anderson leaned back and patted his “girls” on their bubble butts.

The best part is – she has to pay me by the hour – whether I find father and son or not. This will pay for your boob jobs , girls!”

Sunday, August 21, 2011

400 Post/200 Subscriber Celebration and Inspiration for "One Crazy Summer"

Just after Valentine's Day 2009, I made my first post here on Blogger: I posted an all caption version of Karen Elizabeth L's "Family Changes" - still my all time favorite TG story - and my first original caption post and on we went from there. :) This blog came to replace a couple of years of posting on Yahoo Groups and my oldest posted work goes back about 4-5 years - and I have been a TG fan for longer of course.

I realize that some of you really love the exotic and wicked stuff - and some of you love the sweet and innocent. Always using a plot device with two family member males going female sometimes makes it hard, but usually a photo or image "tells" me the story I'd love to deliver. My grammar and plot devices aren't always the best but I'm not writing a term paper here. :p

Thank you to all who have visited and espcially those who have subscribed and commented! Special thanks to sisters like Femur, Jezzi Belle Stewart, Lorna Samuels, Becky, Diane Leonard, Evie, Alectra, Tifany/Barbie, and so many others who also love to create and revel in this arena. I use the term sisters intentional because to me, you are all family!

My 400th post - "One Crazy Summer" tells a story similar to the caption above by Diane, who has from time to time shared a caption with me before posting on her own wonderful blog. Again, thank you all - and have a great last month of summer (here in the northern hemisphere - I do know that FT has visitors from all six major continents)

Love you,
Annabelle Raven

400 POSTS!! Thank you from Annie - with a salute to summer! :)

If Brian and I are able to pull this off, it will be a summer we’ll never forget. If not, we’ll never be able to show our face in this state again. But we’re so ready.

Those little pills really have softened our skin and given us some breast and butt formation. The hair extensions really make us look like a couple of hot blondes. Electrolysis was painful but it worked so well.

We have everything we need, including IDs as Nancy and Bethany. The condo is still in the name of Neal Jones, but the manager was told that Neal’s sister and her daughter were staying there this summer.

The full wardrobe of dresses, shoes, lingerie, and of course – bikinis – cost a fortune, as did the makeup, hair and skin care. We practiced on our voices, our walk, and getting used to the breast enhancers and “the tuck”.

School’s finally out and we dressed as women before leaving at 4 in the morning. I sure hope this works out and we have the time of our lives!

“Hey, Mom, this is Ryan. His dad is inviting us to have a BBQ here on the beach. Ryan, this is my mom Nancy. What do you think, Mom?”

“Ryan, that’s so sweet of you and your dad. Bethany and I would love to join you for dinner. “

And we had a great time! So did Ryan AND Tony ! ;)

It would be a summer that the four of us would never forget!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

MADAME JAE'S - Beauty At Any Age

Beauty At Any Age

“Rachel, Donna… we sure could use your help now," sighed John Sterling, 58, as he sat outside the therapists office where his grandson, Brian, 16, was inside getting treatment.

Rachel was John’s wife, and Donna was his daughter – and when they died in a traffic accident, it fell to him to raise his grandson alone. And today, the gender specialist told him that Brian was a girl in spirit, if not in body. Having grown up on the farm, John knew that they were probably telling the truth – Brian was definitely not very mannish – but to dress in women’s clothes, makeup, etc, when you were born the way you were?

“It’s hard for me to comprehend,” he told Dr. Brown, “But he’s all I have left in my family; I’ll be there for my grand… daughter.”

The therapist gave John a card – Madame Jae’s Salon, Central Avenue - and suggested that Brian be given a makeover, to help him assimilate as a girl. 2 hours later, a perky blonde dream appeared.

“My Lord… you’re so beautiful… Bailey,” John gasped as he choked up at the sight of his beautiful girl.

The teen blushed and thanked Gramps for the gift and his understanding. The famed Madame complimented Bailey, and then asked John to step into a corner salon room for a little chat.

“We know you wish the women of your family were here to help her grow into her new identity; well, I think we can help you help Bailey, and perhaps help yourself as well.”

John wished to resist, but what Madame said made far more sense – after all, he was in a rut in his life.

“Why not?” as he finally surrendered his pride – and a smiling mature and curvy beauty emerged.

“Grandma Joann, you look so pretty!”, gushed Bailey. And both ladies were excited their debut at the J-Club mixer.

Will someone ask us to dance??

Thursday, August 18, 2011

ANNIE'S CAPS - Possible Dress Code Violation ;)


“Hello, I’m Frieda O’Day, and these are my daughters, Nicole and Leigh. We just moved from Ohio and today I’m registering my girls in your high school.”

“Umm… Ms. O’Day, I’m James Wills, the principal here at Fillmore High, and I’m afraid we had several problems with admitting your daughters. We called your old school district, and they helped enlighten to several – err, changes.”

“Mr. Wills, before we left, I had filed all of the necessary paperwork to change the names and gender of my children. Their files were under their boy names - Nathan for Nicole and Lawrence for Leigh. And I would assume they told you about my former identity as their father, Franklin. This is why we left that place – they were a little too backward to accept our gender changes. I should know – I was a teacher before I came out as Frieda, and I got plenty of grief from the town gossips & the school board. I was hoping I’d get less crap here in the city.”

“Trust me, Ms. O’Day, we’re very liberal here and have a well defined gender and sexual orientation culture here. Neither of you are the first LBGT families in our district. That’s not the point – rather, it’s your dress – or lack of it. What you are wearing would not even come close to meeting our dress code.”

“Sir, my sister and I were just helping our mom out with her recent photo shoot. She’s now a supermodel and her photographer asked us to dress like this.”

“Yea, we jumped at the chance. After the hormones gave us cute curves, it’s been fun to wear stocking, garters, and these silky things. It’s just for fun!”

“Mr. Smith, trust me, we plan on following the rules here at Fillmore High. We had to take a cab over from the studio where we were shooting. We had to rush to make it before your closed registrations. Sorry for the sight – you must have thought my daughters and I were a trio of whorish street walkers! “

“Very well, we should be able to finish your registrations today. By the way, you girls are all quite as lovely as your mother.”

“Mr. Wills, you charmer!”

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

ANNIE'S CAPS - Twin Sisters of Different Mothers

Twin Sisters of Different Mothers

Gordon LaSalle and Tom Jenkins were roommates in college, and they were from different worlds. Gordon was from NYC, and Tom from Iowa, and yet the city slicker and farm boy were destined to be best friends – and sisters. A frat initiation forced the duo to dress in drag, and each had an epiphany, and they enjoy cross dressing as Gayle and Tori.

They kept a second set of clothes in their apartment and double dated often. Guys had no idea that the petite brunette and slinky blonde were “special” gurls, and the duo enjoyed teasing AND pleasing themselves and their admirers.

But as the school year ended, the “sisters” had to go home, to their dads. Allen LaSalle was rich but lonely after his 3rd wife left him, while Ed Jenkins drove a Deere for hours to forget the pain of burying Tom’s mother. The girls – and hatched – a mad plan to double their ranks.

Each worked their magic on their dads – who loved the way they looked and bonded with their new daughters as moms. A month before school started, Tori and Emma drove East and met Gayle and Anna.

The mommies soon were like sisters themselves, and the new cougars joined their kittens in getting their “claws” on some hot studs!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

MOTB: Two-Spirits

MOTB Tales : We Are Two-Spirits

The beautiful bride, the one born Dean Red Eagle, listened intently as the one who fathered her and raised her as a son before they realized their true two-spirit nature spoke.

“Researching our Cheyenne heritage uncovered a proud tradition of two-sprits – and it fit perfectly to our female feelings,” noted the former John Red Eagle. “ I found my true nature as Jane, and you as Dara, and let me tell you my dear daughter, you will enjoy being in your man’s care.”

Dara smiled. “Yes Mom, I am so looking forward to carrying on this proud tradition and being just like my special mother.”

Saturday, August 13, 2011

ANNIE'S CAPS - New Sensations for a former father and son

New Sensations

Paul Hayes shuddered in his newly feminized body as he silently watched his son Kevin began to suck on his new boyfriend’s cock.

“Oh, Kayla… have I driven you to such humiliation? I know that my gambling debts need to be paid, but to have the mob turns us into shemale sluts? What kind of fa- oh my… she looks like she’s enjoying the new sensation of his fat… juicy… treat…”

Despite herself, the newly minted Phoebe began to rub her tits and moan like the horny bitch she had become.

Kayla heard this, slipped Kevin’s organ out of her lips, and cooed, “Mom… Kevin’s boss George will be here in a hour. In the

meantime, wanna share?”

Phoebe grinned, stripped off her mini dress, and kneeled down next to her new daughter. That night, “mom” and “daughter” bonded in a way they never dreamed of months prior.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

ANNIE'S CAPS - Just in time for the football preseason ;)

Yea Team!!

Samuel Crane, 45, and his college age sons Jason, 21, and Mike, 20, have loved pro football all of their lives. They live and die for their favorite team, the Silverbacks. But perhaps they have taken their fandom a little too far?

Jason came home one day in drag, and “she” actually looked pretty cute. Her dad and bro laughed, until they saw a new blonde ‘Backs cheerleader who looked awfully familiar. The appeal of being so close to their beloved team must have warped their minds, because now “mom” and “sis” tried out and made the squad!

Does anyone know their secrets? Well, the owner, the general manager, and the entire defensive line know all about these sexy sissy whores, but so long as they help “boost team spirit”, they will always have a place on the Silverback sidelines…

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

ANNIE'S CAPS - Zombie Apocalypse in a FT-TG cap? O Yes!


Dad and I had made it about fifteen months on the run after the Plague had left North America in ruins – about 1/3 of the population had become blood thirsty zombies that destroyed society and killed our family. We were damn good marksmen with our crossbows, and we had saved ourselves and others in hiding by shooting the infected in the heart. But something unexpected happened when we got holed up in what used to be Baton Rouge.

Got trapped on a roof, out of arrows, and we jumped to our expected death. Next thing I remember, I woke up to a smiling blonde.

“Dennis, it’s me, your dad Gene. We lived because
LaRoux, a Creole shaman, ran off the fuckers. But our bodies were broken, and to save us, he called on gypsy spirits who could heal our broken bones, but they saw the need to transform us further. We’re warrior women now, daughter. Your new name is Demi, and I’m now your mother Giselle. We’re healthier then ever, and we now have magick protection against the Plague.”

Then Momma grinned and said, “My dear girl,
LaRoux also introduced me to sex as a woman. He was so incredible.”

handsome son Andre took me as his lover. And we never left Louisiana…

Sunday, August 7, 2011

ANNIE'S CAPS - Artistry

My son, Donald grew up appreciating my life as an artist. I loved to paint on canvas, and by age 12, he picked up a brush and starting creating on his own. Donnie, like I, was quiet, shy, and unassuming. He also took after his dad in another special way; he had a feminine side.

Before she died, my wife Kristine encouraged me to indulge in dressing in her clothes and trying on her makeup and wigs. She also gave Donnie the same outlet.

Donnie enjoyed spending time as Debby – much like I, Barry, had found some solace being Brenda. On or around the anniversary of Kris’s death, Donnie brought me into our studio for a special unveiling.

“This painting is called Mother and Daughter ,” he announced as he pulled the cover off the canvas.

The subjects were a mother and daughter – two beautiful bare beauties with their dark hair tied up, lovingly posing with each other – their beautifully feminine bodies , bright eyes, and soft smiles told a story that until that day, we were afraid to tell the world.

“Those beautiful girls – that’s who I see you and I as – Mom. And don’t you think that art imitates life?”

And SHE was right.

Recently, my dear daughter was accepted to attend Cooper Union. We’re chose together to embrace our creative, female identities, and now we’re going to celebrate like women the we are today. Our boyfriends are taking us to New York to start the next exciting, passionate and remarkable chapter of our lives!