Thursday, July 28, 2011

ORIGINAL STORY - Pride and Joy


“Before I ask the obvious question, dear child,” Loretta Green asked as she strolled down Sixth Avenue with her unexpected guest, “How in the heck did you find me, if your mother did tell you that her ex-husband, your estranged father, had a sex change? I thought she eliminated all trace of me after she threw me out and told me to go to hell? You must have done some detective work.”

15 year old Jennifer Green wistfully smiled. “Well, after Mom began working these really late nights, I would make sure I pulled the mail out of the mailbox. You have been sending her support checks with L. Green, East 35th Street, New York – and of course, I was looking for my dad, Lewis Green. I tried 411, Google, all social media, and no listing. With your background as a writer and public relations consultant, it seemed strange to me that even in the Big Apple, I couldn’t find you. Then I saw this article you wrote in Chameleon magazine about being a “tranny on the run” on the Upper East Side – with a byline of Loretta Green. Suddenly, everything made sense – of course, what a revelation it was to me. Does that help explain the way I look, when I came to see you - Dad?”

“Ah – Jeffrey – you are the proverbial apple and I guess I am that apple tree. I knew you were a shy sensitive little boy, but I was so wrapped up in my own gender identity shuffle – and I was fighting a losing battle with your mother over custody and support – and the way she smothered you with her righteousness – I never realized that you felt like I did. So now I see why you came en femme and originally presented yourself as Jen, a teenage transsexual looking for advice. Posing as a reader of my column was interesting, but of course, if you had come to me as Jeff – I’d still welcome you. I wish I could have been more there for you, honey. And you may a very pretty girl. I wish I had dressed more at your age.”

“Dad, I’m not your son posing as a girl to get your attention. I am a girl inside, and since you’ve been through this – please help me live the way I want to live”

“Honey, of course, I’ll be there for you if you are serious about transitioning. But what about Jane – even if you are not on good terms with your mom, she needs to know – she is your guardian.”

“She knows, Dad, and it was a tough weekend when I came out. But then she confirmed that you had these tendencies and she said – quote – maybe you two are birds of a feather. If you really want to live this way – maybe you should go be with him – or her – I can’t handle it.”

“Well, she did send me a cryptic email yesterday saying she needed to talk. Look, she loves you too, and she needs to sign off on this. But I would love to have you with me. I’m doing very well with my writing and can afford a nice apartment here in town. I can also help you transition, recommending my doctors and support group. Obviously I know a thing or two about taking a male face and a male body and helping it match the female soul. It won’t be easy but I can help you avoid some of the pratfalls and obstacles when I transitioned six years ago. I think I turned out pretty well, you know?”

“You turned out great Dad! You are so pretty and stylish. You’re definitely going to have to teach me how to walk the town in those heels! “, Jen laughed.

Lori winked and said, “Oh that’s a definite work in progress. But they really do make your butt wiggle, and gets you some attention quick.,” as they both laughed. Then Lori said seriously, “Jeff – I mean Jen – I have to let you know. I… I have been seeing a wonderful man for the last three months. Now that I am a woman, I will tell you that I am actively seeking love from a man who can make me feel good, and I hope someday to find and marry Mr. Right. I hope that you can understand – that’s who I am, even if that would offend you.”

“Dad, why would that offend me? First, this is New York, and finally, two people can form a bond in marriage, no matter the gender arrangement. And if you are interested guys, that’s your business. By the way, I’m 90% sure I’m the same way. I definitely see myself as a cute girl who would love to be with a hunky guy. I had this huge crush on this guy in my chemistry class. I love you and will love you whether you are straight, gay, bi, etc,” Jen said as she hugged Lori. The duo embraced for a minute silently, and then Jen whispered, “I think I should stop calling you Dad and start calling you Mom. What do you think?”

Lori bit her lip to not cry, and fiercely hugged her new daughter. She whispered “What… what… about your birth mom? How do you feel, how would she…”

“Oh she’s still my Mom too. I’m going to be a special girl, with a Mom who gave birth to her as a baby, and a special new Mom who will help give birth to her as woman,” Jen replied. “I love you so much Mommy.”

“I love you too, Jennifer,” Lori whispered as tears ran down both their faces. As they walked down the stairwell to catch the next train to Washington Square, they chatted the kind of things that all mothers and daughters talk about.

Loretta Green could but gush and cry when she saw her new daughter Jennifer for the first time in an red evening dress with a lower cut.

“My baby has boobies!” she cooed as cuddled Jen’s newly grown mammaries in her delicately painted hand.

“MOTHER! You’re so crazy! Aww, don’t cry, mom, you’ll have to redo your mascara – again!” laughed the 16 year old who’s primary goal in life was to follow in the high heeled footsteps of the beautiful woman who was once her father.

A divorced father to a young man who was really a pretty girl inside...

Lori’s boyfriend George had arranged for his nephew Ryan to escort young Jen. Mother and daughter both were highly attracted to their dates in their handsome tuxedos and they loved the attention their guys – and people sitting at other tables – were giving the lovely duo.

Fancy dinner, ballroom dancing, and even a rooftop moment overlooking Manhattan at night. Jen had her first kiss as a girl by a boy; in between her own clinch with George, Lori saw her baby’s moment and was so proud. The girls kissed their dates goodnight and spent that night in their nighties talking about the future…


Anonymous said...

He's so lucky to reconnect with her Father and she's so lucky she's now his mom! How wonderful that Jen will have someone to support her change every step of the way and what a beautiful pair of girls they make. Great stuff!

Annabelle Raven said...

Thanks Evie :) BTW, the stills are from a new movie called "New Year's Eve" so they are playing mom/daughter in that film. Great casting eh?