Sunday, July 24, 2011

MOTB Series: Double Wedding - 3 Sisters and a Joyful Mother

MOTB Tales : Double Wedding

When the Feds finally convinced my sons and I to take on female identities to avoid retaliation from the mob, I could never had guessed that we’d be here today so happy with our lives.

To give up my life as tough cop Ben and start over as Belinda, doting mother of three, seemed unthinkable. Now Jacob was a toddlerat the time so his conversion to cute little Josie was relatively easy – but getting his older brothers Marcus and Evan used to their new bodies, and life as teen girls seemed like a crazy uphill battle.

But you know what – as close as we were before, we got even closer as lived our new lives as 4 lovely females. My darlings were growing into their femininity. They also bonded as sisters – Mindy and Emily were inseparable and they thoroughly enjoyed being cute high school girls. They also adored and doted on their baby sister, which really helped me as I was learning how to be a mom and a secretary after years in law enforcement.

A year after Mindy left for State U, Emily followed her big sister and they shared a dorm room; but they were only an hour away so Josie and I still saw them a lot. We talked constantly about school and guys – a lot about their love lives!

Josie was now old enough to go to school, and I was so proud of all my girls. I also finally jumped into the dating pool – Tom Tanner the VP of Marketing asked me out; my daughters were so supportive!

Four years later, our lives are incredible. Mindy met John and fell in love; John introduced Emily to his brother Steve and déjà vu! They are heirs to a family fortune – the same family that owns my firm where I am now the customer service manager!

My babies ended up having a double wedding, with Josie (growing up so fast!) as one of the bridesmaids. But the best part – they all set Mom up – along with Tommy who caught the garter and immediately got on his knees to propose at the reception! I cried & hugged & kissed them all so much!

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