Monday, July 4, 2011

Madame Jae's - The Heroes (now Heroines) are back!


get to be models

After saving founder Madame Jae from drowning (SEE BELOW), she happily treated Bruce and teen son Jeff to incredible makeovers. But their adventures of pure feminine joy are just getting started…

Bonnie: Jodi my dearest - remember before we met our wonderful Madame – when were dressing and posing for our own benefit – who could have ever dreamed that you and I would have this professional photo shoot? Incredible!

Jodi : I know! I mean look at us Mom! Look at you – you really are truly a slinky blonde bombshell goddess!!

Bonnie : Oh pshaw – look at you – a teen dream queen! You are so fricking adorable, petite – dare I say – sexy!

Jodi: (Giggle) Well, gosh I guess I come by it naturally – I mean look at you. Deep blue eyes, soft pink lips, long shapely legs, a figure to die for! And where did you get that girlish wiggle in your hips – DAD? (more giggles)

Bonnie: Oh you want to see a wiggle – I should videotape you from behind! (laughing) And who are you calling dad – SON? God, I’m so proud and happy to be a mother to such a lovely, sweet daughter like you!

Jodi : And I’ve got the best mom – what a role model! And I just love spending time with you as a girl; shopping, primping, cooking, and this. Modeling for the Madame Jae’s 2012 calendar! We’re going to be Mrs. and Miss March. I can’t wait to try on all of these pretty clothes – and that includes BIKINIS!

Bonnie: It’s amazing how that Jae Juice has helped our bodies become more feminine so that we look like real girls in our swimwear – not to mention the dresses and lingerie!

Jodi : Mom, Madame Jae has been so good to us! That and our J-Club boyfriends! :)

Bonnie: Our guys will LOVE our pix! ;)

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