Monday, July 18, 2011

ANNIE'S CAPS - Three Beauties from Bakersfield!

And the WINNERS are…

Edward: I am so proud of both you boys! Not only are you following in my high heeled footsteps by coming out as girls, but you’re both make such lovely girls – it’s no wonder you won your respective pageants!

David: As did you , Dad – I mean mom. And don’t look or feel like a boy in this dress, hose, heels, sash and tiara! Neither do you – BRO er SIS!

Alvin: I think it’s unanimous, big sister – being a beauty queen is a family tradition – even if our chromosomes are a little different!

Pageant Director: Ladies, a few more pictures of the three of you. And then, it’s off to the after party. Your escorts from the Camp Patterson army base will here soon – Colonel Jackson will accompany you, Elinor, Sergeant Rodgers will be with you Daisy, and Cadet Williams from West Point will be your date, Alisha. Nothing like pairing our first ever family to win Mrs. Bakersfield, Miss Bakersfield, and Miss Teen Bakersfield with men serving our country. It’s very patriotic, don’t you think?

Elinor: It is – and it’s three handsome men in uniform. Mama like.

Daisy: Now Mother, you have to remember that you are representing the community. In other words, let’s act like ladies here.

Elinor: Always , daughter dear. I’m your role model as both of you grow up to be fine young women. But I also need to show you an appreciation of the male of the species.

Alisha: Oh. My. God. We’re going to be dancing with men. I hope that they don’t figure out that we’re not real girls. I would just die!

Elinor: Sweetie – you’ll find that there are some men – and boys – out there who like special girls like us. Either way, as hot as we look, I’m sure we’re going to have a very interesting life as pageant winners!

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