Thursday, July 7, 2011

ANNIE'S CAPS - Real Girls (show their love)

“real" GIRLS

Beverly McKenzie (1967-2011); lost her battle with breast cancer after a courageous five year fight. Beloved wife to Michael of 20 years, and proud mother of Peter for 18 years. Rest in Peace Beverly…

In their grief, Mike and Pete McKenzie wanted to honor Bev by dedicating their lives to curing the disease that took her much too soon. You see, Bev was more than just wife and mom, she was “sister” and “auntie” to their alter egos – Mary and Paula.

Since they were dating in college, Bev had been supportive of Mike’s cross-dressing, and when Petey first showed signs that he was “just like Dad,” then every summer for 10 years, three girls travelled to the lake resort where they rocked bikinis, enjoyed salon time, and just enjoyed being closer than few families could be. So it was a simple step for Mary and Paula to “come out” to honor Bev.

“She was all woman,” explained Mary to the newspaper, “But she was the toughest person you ever knew. She was the best mother in the world to Pete, and she insisted that in girl mode, that Mary could be that sweet and tough Mom to Paula.”

“Maybe she knew she had to prepare us,” Paula said as she wiped a tear.

Now there is no disguise – Mary and Paula are permanently on the scene, and last year, they won a statewide award for their volunteer efforts to stop breast cancer. The beautiful blondes were recognized at every march and rally, and their Facebook page has thousands of followers – some in respect of their mission, but many in awe of their transformation in the face of tragedy. And to be sure, they have plenty of male admirers.

“Mom and I weren’t sure about being into guys when we started our vacations, but by the time I was a teen, Bev had me going on blind dates with young boys, and she was always taking Mom on double dates. Now we rely on each other for confidence and encouragement in accepting dates!”

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