Sunday, July 3, 2011

ANNIE'S CAPS -Powder Puff Princesses (Happy 4th of July)


“Hey Danny,” my wonderful girlfriend Stephanie yelled at me as I strolled across the field at New Coastal High School. “My baby girl is practicing for the annual Powder Puff game. Oh! Hey I’m your momma, not a tackling dummy, Lucy!” she giggled as her pretty teen daughter laughed at her mom.

“Backfield in motion, Mom. I couldn't help myself!”

Then Lucy spotted her current beau, Brandon, as he waived her over. Steph and I embraced. “Baby, isn’t this ironic,” she cooed.

“You mean how 20 years ago, I caught passes from my best friend Simon on this field, and ten years later he became a she, the beautiful woman in my arms right now?” I grinned.

“Not only that, lover, but Simon’s son Lance, admitted her true identity to me, and father and son became the so happy mother and daughter we are now. Oh, look at her, girlishly enjoying the attentions of a real man.” She pulled my lips to hers, and we kissed with great passion.

A year later, we married and my new step daughter served as Stephanie’s maid of honor.

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