Tuesday, July 26, 2011

ANNIE'S CAPS - Meet - rather MEAT - the Family!

Meat The Family!

Lucy: Ricky, babe, come meet my family! This lady to my immediate left is my wonderful mother Monica, and to her left is my beautiful mom-mom Theresa. As you can see, she ain’t no bluehaired granny!

Monica: Delightful to meet you Ricky. You are as handsome as Lucy said you were , and thank you for being as understanding about our transgender lifestyle. I wish Mom and I could find boyfriends as sweet and sexy as you.

Lucy, Monica, and Theresa

Formerly Lex (18) – Martin (39) – and Thomas (61)

Theresa: Let’s cut to the chase, Ricky. After you and Lucy first made love she told us what nice long thick piece of meat you have in your pants. Monica and I haven’t been properly fucked in months, and we’re so goddamn horny. How about the four of us go home and have a lot of fun. You and three generations of blonde girls with dicks – how about it tiger?

Lucy: Wow – I told you she wasn’t like any other grandma you’d ever seen. So – how about it stud – cum join the family?


Anonymous said...

Maybe Rick has some hot friends he can bring along to help Lucy's mom and grandma out with... only once he's had them all to himself of course. Giggle.

Annabelle Raven said...