Saturday, July 2, 2011

ANNIE'S CAPS - 3 Generations - 1 Love!

3 Generations of Guys 1 Love of Being Girls!

11 months a year, George Payne is a retired Federal judge, proud dad of lawyers Dennis and Neal, as well as doting granddad to Dennis's son Mark and Neal’s son Jerry, both in college. But every July, the five Payne men take off for Arizona and spend the entire month en femme.

“Molly” and “Joanie” were introduced to the tradition at age 16, and both look forward every year to joining their moms/aunts “Deb” and “Nancy” and their vivacious Grandma “Greta” who 25 years ago found this ancient medallion that would change her sex for 30 days. She loved the experience so much – shopping, salons, and flirting with handsome men – that always wanted to include her button down sons – and eventually her grandsons – with the goals of making them closer than ever.

The medallion changes them all to beautiful women capable of stealing hearts and looking fabulous. Every year, the Valley of the Sun lures the Paynes back for a very special type of family reunion!

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