Sunday, June 12, 2011

WE'RE BACK - new Madame Jae's cap: TRUST ME




As the lovely duo strolled across the banquet hall at the monthly J-Club dance, James Hardy couldn’t help but reminisce about the first time he took his son Derek to Madame Jae’s. It was a tough time for both of them; James’ NFL career was over thanks to a bad knee, and like many athletes, he had fathered a child out of wedlock who was lacking in a good role model. IN fact, Derek’s mom was dying of AIDS and he would soon be a victim of the system.

But an aunt of James – who he later found out had been born an uncle – told him of Madame Jae’s – “I think you’d enjoy a fresh start – Juliette.”

Amazed at the transformation from buff cornerback to curvy diva, the ebony beauty enjoyed her look, her new sisters in the “Jae sorority” and the attention that the J-Club men gave her. When Derek’s mom died, Juliette knew what to do. Reluctant to even accept his dad, especially now in her femme role, Derek resisted even going to the salon until one day Juli brought her son a computer generated picture of a girl named Danielle.

“Trust me, you want to meet her.”

“That’s me – as a girl, Dad?”

“It can be – and please, call me Mom.”

Soon Danni came to life thanks to Madame and her awesome staff, and Juli and Danni were inseparable. The famed Jae Juice brought out the best in them: round booties, soft mocha skin, and long shimmering hair.

That was two years ago, and tonight is Danni’s 18th birthday. Juli trusts that her daughter will be able to make her own decisions as to whether to consummate her relationship with her doting boyfriend Mike. And while Danni knows that while her Momma is always there for her, that tonight, Juli and her lover Leon (a former college teammate) will be spending the night at his house…

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