Monday, June 27, 2011

ANNIE'S CAPS - One Dare Too Many


Like so many sons, Jimmy Weber sought to outdo his dad Fred. He wanted to hit the baseball further – to get better grades in math and history – and always for the town’s annual costume party. If Fred went as Dracula, Jimmy would be Frankenstein. But when his college roommate Sean (who was the son of Fred’s college roommate Sam), told him what he overheard, he had to pause:

“My Dad is dressing as a woman? Really, Sam? No fucking way!”

“Dude. That’s what he told my Dad. He’s going all out too! Blonde wig, prosthetic breast form, body shaving, even some kinky lingerie. My Uncle Fred – a super cock-tease cougar. Your response?”

Reluctantly, Jimmy began to prepare to outdo his dad. At the party, the now curvy & petite Felicity was confronted by a tall, sexy blonde.

“Hello Dad – or I guess it’s Mom now? Do you think I was going to let you win the best costume contest without a fight?”

“Jessica – my you fill out that gown almost as nicely as I do, dear. However, I do believe we’ve been set up. I was told by Sam that it was you that planned on dressing in drag.”

In walked Sam and Sean, smiling, wearing tuxes that seemed to be bulging at the crotch. Our new mother and daughter were equally aroused, as they giggled and greeted their dates with soft kisses and the promise of other delights…

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