Thursday, June 30, 2011

ANNIE'S CAPS- Who Tricked Who? (sequel to One Dare)


It’s been 2 months since father Fred and son Jimmy Weber were “tricked” into dressing up as blonde babes by their best friends, Sam Coleman and his son Sean. But how would the Colemans know that the Weber guys had been dressing in drag for years!

Felicity had “mothered” Jessica for years, and both of them secretly yearned for a way to let their feminine desires to be set free. The new gurls surprised the hell out of Sam

and Sean by acting like perfect girlfriends at the party. Then they blew their minds by seducingtheir new boyfriends!

Since then, Sam has gladly paid thousands on new clothes, elective surgery and hormone treatment. When they picked just the right bikinis, mom and daughter set Stage 2 of their plan in motion; they teased and taunted their buddies until they were crazed with lust.

In Sam’s hot tub, Felicity and Jessica screamed in ecstasy as their men fucked them – their fantasy of being a sexy girly family had come true!

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