Wednesday, June 15, 2011

ANNIE'S CAPS -Welcome to the Show!


When Tom Weaver (45) learned that his handsome, smart and macho son Pete (21) was working as a stripper to get through college, he expressed concern. When Tom learned that Pete had let his hair grow out, had taken some estrogen pills and was dancing as a girl, he was flustered and furious.

But when he learned that “Penny” was making over $1000/nite in tips from pole dancing, lap dances, and “other” activities… well, Tom was less furious, and even open to a suggestion that his now-daughter had for him.

So come on down to Scarlet’s on Route 69, and you’ll see one of the few mother-daughter tandems in adult entertainment. For a “girl” at her age, “Tess” has a great body; both Penny and her mom love showing you what they’ve got in their G-string. And for the right price, they’ll give you everything you want!

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