Thursday, June 23, 2011

ANNIE'S CAPS -Triple Double (conclusion of 3 cap arc)


Robyn: OK, you two; a mother, even one who’s only been a woman for two years, knows when her children are planning something. What’s up girls?

Ingrid: Mom, Eliza and I just wanted to do something to thank you for being there for us through some challenging times. No one us wanted this, but now, thanks to you, we are so happy to be your daughters!

Eliza: Gosh, I can’t believe how beautiful we all are! We still love playing ball, but now we’re going to Tech on scholarships! Just think, sis, Seth and Andy will be there too! We had hot girlfriends back in our

old lives, but now – WE’RE the hot girlfriends! And look at our smoking HOT Mommy! Wanted by every man in town – and enjoying ever lustful glance! (giggle)

Robyn: My darlings, we’ve been very open about enjoying our new feelings. You know how much happiness Seth, Andy, and my Chet have given us. But we should never forget how much our angel, the wonderful Deborah meant to us. She left us much too soon (sniff) and I know that she is looking down on her babies with such pride…. and I always feel like I’m fulfilling her role as your proud mother (sniff)…

Ingrid: Mommy, we miss our Mommy Deb but we are (sniff) so happy to have our Mommy Robyn with us!

Eliza: I know Chet loves having Mom both as his sweetie and having Coach Winger lead the Lady Cougars to the state title! You really do live up to your name as “Coach Cougar”, Mom!

Robyn: Hey, when I’m recruiting talent for the school; I’m not recruiting young studs, that’s your job, ladies! (giggle) And I think the three of us have some fine men who will take care of us for quite a while. In the meantime, we have the afternoon off; practice is done, and we need to get you both some cute outfits, shoes, etc for when you leave for Tech. Plus I have my eye on some soft silky lingerie so I can really feel girlish! Grab your purses and let’s go!

And if you missed the original story, here are those caps again :)

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