Sunday, June 12, 2011

ANNIE'S CAPS - Temporary? (yea right!)


“These prosthetics hurt!” whined Scott Weiss, 50, and Nick Weiss, 28, as the father and son attorneys let their wives feminize them for the annual costume party. “They’re just temporary – but you both look amazing – like mother, like daughter!”

The newly christened Stella and Nina quickly realized they never looked – or felt better. In their slinky black gowns, the blonde sissy boys quickly drew a lot of attention from a couple of guys who they

flirted with. The innocent flirtation turned serious as both “girls” found themselves being seduced – and they loved every second of it. So did their wives, who had long wanted to come out with their secret lesbian romance.

A year later, Weiss & Weiss was the state’s leading LGBT law firm, and the principals now had new names, new breasts, and much more wardrobe. Stella and Nina loved shopping like any mother and daughter and they were so close. They quickly learned that a little temporary pain was worth some permanent joy - such as a permanent appreciation for their boyfriends’ rough kisses and hard cocks!

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