Saturday, June 25, 2011

ANNIE'S CAPS -Not Quite Sisters

Not quite Sisters…

“Ashlee, you said that you were bringing your mom to our party,” Ashlee’s boss, Nathan said. With a wolf’s grin, he asked her guest “You must be her lovely sister; actually you both look like twins.”

“Very funny, sir. This really is my mom, Vivian,” cooed Ashlee while Viv blushed.

“Very nice to meet you, Nathan,” the older redhead finally said softly.

In the ladies room, Ashlee confronted Vivian. “Mom, Nathan totally was giving you the bedroom eyes. Don’t scared, you make a beautiful woman!”

“Honey, this still all new to me. We were Vince and Aaron - father and son – until you left for the big city to be a fashion designer. I knew when you came back as a woman, it was the best decision you

ever made – you are so damn beautiful and femme – but this still new for me. I’m not sure about doing all this,” replied a nervous Viv.

“Oh come on, where do you think I got it from – just like you, I was small, sensitive, and not at all macho. After my last trip home, we sat up all night and I told you how much of a woman my boyfriend made me feel like, I saw the desire in your eyes. Look, Greg will be taking us both out to dinner tomorrow, and I want you to invite Nathan to make it a foursome. Then let the chips fall where they may. Trust me, mom – when a man desires you, the world is your oyster.”

36 hours later, Ashlee and Vivian were dancing the night away with their dates, and mother and daughter had their men right where they wanted…

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