Saturday, June 18, 2011

ANNIE'S CAPS -Bachelor-ETTE Party

Bachelor-ETTE Party

Five years ago, Craig Collins came out to his family and friends that he wanted to become a woman. Not everyone accepted him (his wife left in disgust) but Rob’s son Wyatt loved his new mom Carrie, and it helped when Wyatt decided that a girls’ life was for him as well. Carrie loved being Wendi’s mom, and they bonded in that way that mothers and daughters do.

They moved to a nice town across the state and their new neighbors, widower Joe Rogers and his son Eric. With their new hormones, Carrie and Wendi first thought about seducing those guys, but instead a very close and platonic relationship developed. Joe and Eric were open minded and accepted their lifestyle choices.

Soon, Wendi fell in love with a nice boy, and he asked her to marry him, which she accepted once her and Carrie had their surgeries. In a sweet twist, Carrie’s doctor fell for her and they were soon a couple. Joe and Eric were very happy for their friends, but Wendi had a dilemma. She needed bridesmaids and her mom was going to give her away, and she was fretting. But Carrie asked Joe and Eric for their help. They would do anything for their neighbors and friends!

A week before the wedding, as tradition, the bridal party went out for a good time to

a local club on “male dancer” night. Carrie arranged for one of the hunks to give her, Carrie, and Carrie’s bridesmaids – Janice and her daughter Emilya private show with some extra sexy “private attention.” The new gals were getting into the well endowed man and how hot and sexy they looked as girls.

By the wedding date, Janice and Emily knew that they were meant to be women and that included dancing & flirting with the groomsmen.

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