Thursday, June 30, 2011

ANNIE'S CAPS- Who Tricked Who? (sequel to One Dare)


It’s been 2 months since father Fred and son Jimmy Weber were “tricked” into dressing up as blonde babes by their best friends, Sam Coleman and his son Sean. But how would the Colemans know that the Weber guys had been dressing in drag for years!

Felicity had “mothered” Jessica for years, and both of them secretly yearned for a way to let their feminine desires to be set free. The new gurls surprised the hell out of Sam

and Sean by acting like perfect girlfriends at the party. Then they blew their minds by seducingtheir new boyfriends!

Since then, Sam has gladly paid thousands on new clothes, elective surgery and hormone treatment. When they picked just the right bikinis, mom and daughter set Stage 2 of their plan in motion; they teased and taunted their buddies until they were crazed with lust.

In Sam’s hot tub, Felicity and Jessica screamed in ecstasy as their men fucked them – their fantasy of being a sexy girly family had come true!

Monday, June 27, 2011

ANNIE'S CAPS - One Dare Too Many


Like so many sons, Jimmy Weber sought to outdo his dad Fred. He wanted to hit the baseball further – to get better grades in math and history – and always for the town’s annual costume party. If Fred went as Dracula, Jimmy would be Frankenstein. But when his college roommate Sean (who was the son of Fred’s college roommate Sam), told him what he overheard, he had to pause:

“My Dad is dressing as a woman? Really, Sam? No fucking way!”

“Dude. That’s what he told my Dad. He’s going all out too! Blonde wig, prosthetic breast form, body shaving, even some kinky lingerie. My Uncle Fred – a super cock-tease cougar. Your response?”

Reluctantly, Jimmy began to prepare to outdo his dad. At the party, the now curvy & petite Felicity was confronted by a tall, sexy blonde.

“Hello Dad – or I guess it’s Mom now? Do you think I was going to let you win the best costume contest without a fight?”

“Jessica – my you fill out that gown almost as nicely as I do, dear. However, I do believe we’ve been set up. I was told by Sam that it was you that planned on dressing in drag.”

In walked Sam and Sean, smiling, wearing tuxes that seemed to be bulging at the crotch. Our new mother and daughter were equally aroused, as they giggled and greeted their dates with soft kisses and the promise of other delights…

Saturday, June 25, 2011

ANNIE'S CAPS -Not Quite Sisters

Not quite Sisters…

“Ashlee, you said that you were bringing your mom to our party,” Ashlee’s boss, Nathan said. With a wolf’s grin, he asked her guest “You must be her lovely sister; actually you both look like twins.”

“Very funny, sir. This really is my mom, Vivian,” cooed Ashlee while Viv blushed.

“Very nice to meet you, Nathan,” the older redhead finally said softly.

In the ladies room, Ashlee confronted Vivian. “Mom, Nathan totally was giving you the bedroom eyes. Don’t scared, you make a beautiful woman!”

“Honey, this still all new to me. We were Vince and Aaron - father and son – until you left for the big city to be a fashion designer. I knew when you came back as a woman, it was the best decision you

ever made – you are so damn beautiful and femme – but this still new for me. I’m not sure about doing all this,” replied a nervous Viv.

“Oh come on, where do you think I got it from – just like you, I was small, sensitive, and not at all macho. After my last trip home, we sat up all night and I told you how much of a woman my boyfriend made me feel like, I saw the desire in your eyes. Look, Greg will be taking us both out to dinner tomorrow, and I want you to invite Nathan to make it a foursome. Then let the chips fall where they may. Trust me, mom – when a man desires you, the world is your oyster.”

36 hours later, Ashlee and Vivian were dancing the night away with their dates, and mother and daughter had their men right where they wanted…

Thursday, June 23, 2011

ANNIE'S CAPS -Triple Double (conclusion of 3 cap arc)


Robyn: OK, you two; a mother, even one who’s only been a woman for two years, knows when her children are planning something. What’s up girls?

Ingrid: Mom, Eliza and I just wanted to do something to thank you for being there for us through some challenging times. No one us wanted this, but now, thanks to you, we are so happy to be your daughters!

Eliza: Gosh, I can’t believe how beautiful we all are! We still love playing ball, but now we’re going to Tech on scholarships! Just think, sis, Seth and Andy will be there too! We had hot girlfriends back in our

old lives, but now – WE’RE the hot girlfriends! And look at our smoking HOT Mommy! Wanted by every man in town – and enjoying ever lustful glance! (giggle)

Robyn: My darlings, we’ve been very open about enjoying our new feelings. You know how much happiness Seth, Andy, and my Chet have given us. But we should never forget how much our angel, the wonderful Deborah meant to us. She left us much too soon (sniff) and I know that she is looking down on her babies with such pride…. and I always feel like I’m fulfilling her role as your proud mother (sniff)…

Ingrid: Mommy, we miss our Mommy Deb but we are (sniff) so happy to have our Mommy Robyn with us!

Eliza: I know Chet loves having Mom both as his sweetie and having Coach Winger lead the Lady Cougars to the state title! You really do live up to your name as “Coach Cougar”, Mom!

Robyn: Hey, when I’m recruiting talent for the school; I’m not recruiting young studs, that’s your job, ladies! (giggle) And I think the three of us have some fine men who will take care of us for quite a while. In the meantime, we have the afternoon off; practice is done, and we need to get you both some cute outfits, shoes, etc for when you leave for Tech. Plus I have my eye on some soft silky lingerie so I can really feel girlish! Grab your purses and let’s go!

And if you missed the original story, here are those caps again :)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

ANNIE'S CAPS -Through Thick and Thin...

Family: Through Thick and Thin

The Wallace family – dad Vance and sons Evan and Samuel – have certainly had their share of heartache and tragedy. God had taken Aliesha, wife and mother, from them during the boys formative years, and they struggled to stay afloat, financially and emotionally.

Evan was the first to bare his – her soul – I’m a girl. At age 18, her best friend Tasha used her emerging skills as a cosmetologist to bring Elizabeth to the forefront.

Her family watched in awe as Liza’s body began to match her face – a doctor’s prescription helped turn her into a thick and curvy gorgeous ebony T-girl. Then Tasha began to experiment on an enthralled little would-be “sister” and “mother”. She and Liza helped show Sophia and Virginia that the spirit of the beloved Aliesha lived in their beating hearts – “and soon our bodies will match our spirits.

Now in their early 20s, the sisters are balancing school, fashion modeling, and a social life, all with Mom’s help in managing their careers and loving life. Here we see the sexy trio in the club where Ginny and Sophie are celebrating Liza’s birthday. Every man in the place wants to take one or all of them home. And they know it, and they love the attention!

Maybe they’ll find the right guy tonight; if not they love their new lives together as women!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

ANNIE'S CAPS -Salute of Great "Family" Caps by Friends and Other Artists

Courtesy of Amy:
Courtesy of Bec Ryan
Courtesy of Diane Leonard

Courtesy of Elena Starz:
Courtesy of Jezzi Belle Stewart:

Courtesy of an unknown artist:

Courtesy of Stana:
Courtesy of another anonymous artiste:

ANNIE'S CAPS -Bachelor-ETTE Party

Bachelor-ETTE Party

Five years ago, Craig Collins came out to his family and friends that he wanted to become a woman. Not everyone accepted him (his wife left in disgust) but Rob’s son Wyatt loved his new mom Carrie, and it helped when Wyatt decided that a girls’ life was for him as well. Carrie loved being Wendi’s mom, and they bonded in that way that mothers and daughters do.

They moved to a nice town across the state and their new neighbors, widower Joe Rogers and his son Eric. With their new hormones, Carrie and Wendi first thought about seducing those guys, but instead a very close and platonic relationship developed. Joe and Eric were open minded and accepted their lifestyle choices.

Soon, Wendi fell in love with a nice boy, and he asked her to marry him, which she accepted once her and Carrie had their surgeries. In a sweet twist, Carrie’s doctor fell for her and they were soon a couple. Joe and Eric were very happy for their friends, but Wendi had a dilemma. She needed bridesmaids and her mom was going to give her away, and she was fretting. But Carrie asked Joe and Eric for their help. They would do anything for their neighbors and friends!

A week before the wedding, as tradition, the bridal party went out for a good time to

a local club on “male dancer” night. Carrie arranged for one of the hunks to give her, Carrie, and Carrie’s bridesmaids – Janice and her daughter Emilya private show with some extra sexy “private attention.” The new gals were getting into the well endowed man and how hot and sexy they looked as girls.

By the wedding date, Janice and Emily knew that they were meant to be women and that included dancing & flirting with the groomsmen.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

ANNIE'S CAPS -Welcome to the Show!


When Tom Weaver (45) learned that his handsome, smart and macho son Pete (21) was working as a stripper to get through college, he expressed concern. When Tom learned that Pete had let his hair grow out, had taken some estrogen pills and was dancing as a girl, he was flustered and furious.

But when he learned that “Penny” was making over $1000/nite in tips from pole dancing, lap dances, and “other” activities… well, Tom was less furious, and even open to a suggestion that his now-daughter had for him.

So come on down to Scarlet’s on Route 69, and you’ll see one of the few mother-daughter tandems in adult entertainment. For a “girl” at her age, “Tess” has a great body; both Penny and her mom love showing you what they’ve got in their G-string. And for the right price, they’ll give you everything you want!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

ANNIE'S CAPS - Temporary? (yea right!)


“These prosthetics hurt!” whined Scott Weiss, 50, and Nick Weiss, 28, as the father and son attorneys let their wives feminize them for the annual costume party. “They’re just temporary – but you both look amazing – like mother, like daughter!”

The newly christened Stella and Nina quickly realized they never looked – or felt better. In their slinky black gowns, the blonde sissy boys quickly drew a lot of attention from a couple of guys who they

flirted with. The innocent flirtation turned serious as both “girls” found themselves being seduced – and they loved every second of it. So did their wives, who had long wanted to come out with their secret lesbian romance.

A year later, Weiss & Weiss was the state’s leading LGBT law firm, and the principals now had new names, new breasts, and much more wardrobe. Stella and Nina loved shopping like any mother and daughter and they were so close. They quickly learned that a little temporary pain was worth some permanent joy - such as a permanent appreciation for their boyfriends’ rough kisses and hard cocks!

WE'RE BACK - new Madame Jae's cap: TRUST ME




As the lovely duo strolled across the banquet hall at the monthly J-Club dance, James Hardy couldn’t help but reminisce about the first time he took his son Derek to Madame Jae’s. It was a tough time for both of them; James’ NFL career was over thanks to a bad knee, and like many athletes, he had fathered a child out of wedlock who was lacking in a good role model. IN fact, Derek’s mom was dying of AIDS and he would soon be a victim of the system.

But an aunt of James – who he later found out had been born an uncle – told him of Madame Jae’s – “I think you’d enjoy a fresh start – Juliette.”

Amazed at the transformation from buff cornerback to curvy diva, the ebony beauty enjoyed her look, her new sisters in the “Jae sorority” and the attention that the J-Club men gave her. When Derek’s mom died, Juliette knew what to do. Reluctant to even accept his dad, especially now in her femme role, Derek resisted even going to the salon until one day Juli brought her son a computer generated picture of a girl named Danielle.

“Trust me, you want to meet her.”

“That’s me – as a girl, Dad?”

“It can be – and please, call me Mom.”

Soon Danni came to life thanks to Madame and her awesome staff, and Juli and Danni were inseparable. The famed Jae Juice brought out the best in them: round booties, soft mocha skin, and long shimmering hair.

That was two years ago, and tonight is Danni’s 18th birthday. Juli trusts that her daughter will be able to make her own decisions as to whether to consummate her relationship with her doting boyfriend Mike. And while Danni knows that while her Momma is always there for her, that tonight, Juli and her lover Leon (a former college teammate) will be spending the night at his house…

Friday, June 3, 2011

Brand New Update

Hi everyone - good news. My computer is fixed and will be back in my hands by the end of next week. I will need to reload my backed up files and I had finished work on there that I'm dying to put online. Thanks for everyone's patience :)