Saturday, May 21, 2011

Offline Update - Saturday 05/21

Well my hard drive is kaput, but a new one will be ordered today and I did just recently back everything up. So we'll be quiet for a while, and until then, feel free to browse the "musuem" of FT :)

If you haven't done so already, you may want to invest some time into my capped version of Karen Elizabeth L's "Family Changes", or one of my original stories:

"Love is Grand" - three generations of love, sex, and family bonding

"Belle Donna Italiane" - another "3G" story set in the Madame Jae's universe

Or maybe check out specific categories such as:

Beauty Queens

Bikini loving T-babes

Atheletic guys becoming sexy "girls"

Wedding bells! (and specifically, the MOTB (Mother of the Bride) Universe

Comic book covers was someting I did a fair amount of in the past - not recently, but I'm proud of them :)

As always, some stories are sweet and cute, while some are sexy and f***** hot

Many are both (As always, any heroine under 18 will not be shown nude or with an adult storyline, but trust me - those teen cuties grow up so fast, with moms, aunts, big sisters et al to show them the way!)

THANK YOU FOR YOUR PATIENCE AND SUPPORT as F/T comes back stronger than ever! I do this for myself (hey, loving TG media specifally with family members is a pretty specific genre) but I love that 185 of you choose to subscribe and over 600,000 of you have visited this site in over 2 years! I love you all! :)


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