Wednesday, May 4, 2011

MOTB Series: Special Delivery

MOTB Tales: Special Delivery

Corporal Russell Jackson, USMC, had returned from the Middle East, much to the delight of his best friend Andre Cole. Russ was like a brother, and he even felt close to Andre’s brothers Lewis, Colin, and Sean. He also saw Andre’s dad John as a father figure.

Which is why Russ was extremely shocked to see four lovely black women waiting for him when he came back stateside. The smiling, busty ebony beauty who grabbed him and kissed him had an amazing tale…

“Baby, it’s me, Andre, only… call me Angela now. I remember my life as your running buddy, but now I’ve turned into a woman who wants to spend my life with you. You had that strange artifact you found in Afghanistan sent back to US for you to sell or possibly display in your house – but after you went overseas, you had all your possessions stored here and your mail came here as well. Well, I was showing it to Pops and my little brothers, and suddenly there was this flash of light, and we all passed out."

"We woke up as girls, as if we had all been born this way. And we’re pretty and sexy and fierce. And after years of chasing honeys, we were the honeys and we all were interested in guys. Lena and Carrie have moved in with their new boyfriends, and its cute watching little Sasha kissing her boyfriend, the captain of the football team. Even Momma, the lovely Janet, has Preacher Collins courting her."

" As for me… I made my mind up right away that I was going to spend my life as Mrs. Russell Jackson. My best friend was gonna make an honest woman out of me, and we’re gonna make about 5 to 6 babies before we’re through – stud!”

Russ accepted his new wife, mother and sisters in law – like he had a choice!

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