Friday, May 13, 2011

Madame Jae's - The Secret Life of The Murphys



The Secret Life of The Murphys

“Mom, Nana, I got to admit,” Andrew Murphy, the 15 year boy who was now made up by the folks at Madame Jae’s as the uber-cute teen heartbreaker Amber, asked her family. “I’m maybe more shocked that the two of you – my stoic grandfather and serious father – have this flighty, glamorous girl side to you; that’s more shocking than me looking so pretty in dresses in make-up!”

“No surprise to us, Amber. You’re a Murphy girl,” Ginger Murphy said with her ice-melting smile.

“We’ve been going to Madame Jae’s since before you were born. Your mother has been dressing up with me since she was in college – probably why at age 35, she still looks like she’s 20! What do you think Lisa?”

“And you may be in your mid fifties, but you also look no older than the day we first went out together as girls, mother dear,” smirked Lisa as she reminisced about the day single dad Gordon Murphy and undergrad Larry discovered their beautiful new alter egos. “Amber, stay right there, let me get this scrapbook out of my closet – you’ll find this a very interesting peek into our past.”

Ten minutes later, the lovely teen gasped as she poured through before and after shots in the salon, as Ginger first showcased her namesake locks of luscious auburn hair. With their pale skin and Irish heritage, it was natural for “mother and daughter” to both express their lovely pale skin, green eyes, and rich flaming dos.

Awww, you look like princesses!” Amber said as her own eyes welled up in pride.

“I always remember that night at our first J-Club function; it was our coming out party and we had such a good time with each other – and our dates!” cooed Lisa.

Amber raised an eyebrow over “dates.”

Ginger grinned, “We were pretty nervous like you will be honey. But being in a strong man’s arms are wonderful; your mom and I can’t wait to for the day when you have your first experience.”

Amber blushed.

“So, ummm… what’s it like to kiss a boy – or man?,” Amber shyly asked.

Now it was Ginger’s turn to squirm. “Well, Amber . it’s hard to describe unless you’ve actually been kissed. You just want to melt into your guy’s arms and not want it to end – ever!”

“It really is an incredible feeling, baby,” sighed Lisa. “But part of being a girl is keeping your self control. Look, Mom and I are very comfortable when we are in girl mode and in handling the Jae Juice. You’re still new to this, so there’s need to rush anything Amber. Neither of us will push you into anything you’re not comfortable, and of course, should you decide to talk to or even go out with a J-Club boy, it’s not like you suddenly will become this wild child. We’re always here for you honey.”

“Thanks Mom, Nana, I know you will both be good role models for me I enjoy being Am- HOLY CRAP!” Amber exclaimed as she turned the page of the scrapbook, and was shocked at the sight of Lisa and Ginger proactively posing in leather and lace.

“Oh hell, Lisa, I totally forgot that we had done this photo shoot!” Ginger gasped, suppressing a giggle.

Lisa gulped, as the elder Murphys past caught up with them, “Amber, this was all in fun, we swear, your grandmother and I were not out of the street corner making a living.”

“MOM! Oh my God!” howled the pretty teen as the three redheaded T-gals shrieked in sheer laughter.

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