Friday, May 6, 2011

Madame Jae's - Role Modeling with the Murphy Family



The Murphy Models

“What could be cooler than getting a Madame Jae’s makeover just like my sexy “Mom” and “Nana”?” asked the pretty T-teen Amber Murphy. “Trying on these gorgeous dresses and then posing in them for a pro photographer!”

“Honey, you’re a natural, just like your Mom was the first time she posed with me,” grinned proud grandmother Ginger Murphy.

Her daughter, Lisa Murphy, giggled like a schoolgirl at Ginger’s compliment, “Like mother, like daughter – times two! We are quite the lovely trio aren’t we?”

“We definitely are Mom!” the new teen dream chirped. ‘We are three red hot redheads – looking so sweet and romantic!”

“Speaking of romantic,” Ginger said with a glint of mischief, I think you are ready to learn what it’s like to be a sensual and desired young lady. Right Lisa?”

“Great idea Mom,” Lisa smiled with a knowing look. “I think our little girl will learn quickly that being a Murphy girl means that she better get used to cute guys pursuing all three of us!

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