Wednesday, May 18, 2011

ANNIE'S CAPS - Your Choice! - Big Deal!!!


KEITH: Darling, I see my old high school rival Ted over at the bar. Time for me and the “girls” to go say hi to him and watch him squirm. Why don’t we go over together and “tag team” him, see if he wets his pants.

MIKE: Dad, I wish you would just stop flaunting your new tits. I mean, we were just supposed to dress up as girls and then you go ahead and get this plastic surgeon to give you those breast implants. I mean..

KATE: Honey, it’s more than just a dressing game. I only want to be a beautiful woman – and your mother. I have the most beautiful daughter and it’s great we can spend all of this time together – let’s make it full time!

MARIA: You mean a full sex change? I don’t know...

KATE: That includes your own implants! You can be a cute B-cup, a curvy C-cup, a dangerous D-cup, OR…

MARIA: A va-va-va-voom Double D, just like my mom?

KATE: Maria, I love you any way you want to be. Let’s go visit Dr. Berger tomorrow morning and start us down the road to complete womanhood. In the meantime, there’s an old acquaintance over there that will definitely by two gorgeous women some drinks. He does have a son your age, and I think he’s somewhere in this bar. Baby, we could end up tonight in the beds of two rich studs who would fuck us all night long! Doesn’t that sound like a lots of fun?

MARIA: Oooh, Mommy, you’re such a great “bad” influence on me. Now you got me feeling so horny! We must be the sluttiest T-girl family there ever was!


Alectra said...

Funny cap, really loved the way her "mum" taints her daughter into a slut state ^-^
Hugs and Kisses Alectra

P.S: It's seems we made the correct choice "giggle"

Anonymous said...

I like this one too, very sexy the way the 'reluctant' daughter is soon loving the thought of finding some guys. She should definitely go va va voom!