Sunday, May 1, 2011

ANNIE'S CAPS - Subterfuge (AKA What if the Middleton birds were...)



29 April 2011, just outside Harrods

“Well, look at all of these paps taking photo after photo of the future consort and her family – wouldn’t the press have a field day if they discovered your true physical nature and disposition – Christopher?”

“Not so loud – Peter– you never know who’s listening. If word got back to Will’s gram, she’d throw all three of us in the Tower of London for 100 years!”

“Don’t worry your little sissy head off, my son. Her Majesty knows all about his love of trannies, and she was the one who came to your stepfather and l – once he fell in love with me after I gave up my life as Calvin, father of two sons, he went along with the grand scheme to claim us as his girls. I don’t even think Scotland Yard or MI5 have any idea of our true chromosomal distinction – or any pictures of our actual genetalia. Trust me loves, the Royals have completely suppressed any notion that the future bride of the monarch, her darling baby sister, and her proper but sexy mum are anything BUT 100% girly.”

“Oh I so love this life, Mum, and to think about tomorrow in my gown – and sis, I love your shape in your attendant frock - oh bugger, I hope we can all keep our sceptre in check! This could be an issue!”

“Brother/sister, dear… I’m kind of hoping that I get to brush my willy next to old Harry, see if he’s inclined like his brother. And Mum, I know you’ll give Father a good time this week, but you should explore some fresh meat. I hear Becks secretly lusts for T-ladies!”

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