Sunday, May 8, 2011

ANNIE'S CAPS - Best Mother's Day Tale (Happy Moms Day to Moms - and Dads who want to be Moms)


starring Ian and his son Russ

As a single parent, nothing was more important to my than the respect and love of my only child. That being said, after my ex-wife ran away with my ex-best friend, I finally confronted my lifelong need to be myself – Isobel, a woman trapped by chromosomes. It scared the hell out of me to tell my 16 year old son that his father was a transsexual, would now be his mother, and would be very interested in being intimate with males. Thank God, between our long talks and some great counselors, he was able to accept me in this way.

In fact, we grew closer, and it was tough seeing him go to college a few years later. But after his first year at State, he said he had a very special Mother’s Day gift for me. My son, remembering holidays - what a change! But that was nothing compared to the sight of him when we arranged a nice dinner out on the town – there stood a lovely young blond in a romantic spring dress, smiling nervously..

“Last Halloween, on a lark, a bunch of guys cross-dressed for a party. I had a good time, especially when a football player asked me to dance with him. We got so caught up in the charade, I woke the next morning in his arms. So maybe the apple didn’t fall far from the tree, Mom?”

We hugged & cried and I told my new daughter that she already discovered my favorite reason for being a woman – the joy of having a man lovingly inside you!

That night at dinner, Rachel and I talked at length about finding Mr. Right and how to seduce him. Before long, we both had found our dream guys who worshiped us, respected us, and made us scream with delight. Next year, we’re planning a mom/daughter double wedding – on Mother’s Day, of course!

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