Saturday, May 21, 2011

Offline Update - Saturday 05/21

Well my hard drive is kaput, but a new one will be ordered today and I did just recently back everything up. So we'll be quiet for a while, and until then, feel free to browse the "musuem" of FT :)

If you haven't done so already, you may want to invest some time into my capped version of Karen Elizabeth L's "Family Changes", or one of my original stories:

"Love is Grand" - three generations of love, sex, and family bonding

"Belle Donna Italiane" - another "3G" story set in the Madame Jae's universe

Or maybe check out specific categories such as:

Beauty Queens

Bikini loving T-babes

Atheletic guys becoming sexy "girls"

Wedding bells! (and specifically, the MOTB (Mother of the Bride) Universe

Comic book covers was someting I did a fair amount of in the past - not recently, but I'm proud of them :)

As always, some stories are sweet and cute, while some are sexy and f***** hot

Many are both (As always, any heroine under 18 will not be shown nude or with an adult storyline, but trust me - those teen cuties grow up so fast, with moms, aunts, big sisters et al to show them the way!)

THANK YOU FOR YOUR PATIENCE AND SUPPORT as F/T comes back stronger than ever! I do this for myself (hey, loving TG media specifally with family members is a pretty specific genre) but I love that 185 of you choose to subscribe and over 600,000 of you have visited this site in over 2 years! I love you all! :)


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

ANNIE'S CAPS - Your Choice! - Big Deal!!!


KEITH: Darling, I see my old high school rival Ted over at the bar. Time for me and the “girls” to go say hi to him and watch him squirm. Why don’t we go over together and “tag team” him, see if he wets his pants.

MIKE: Dad, I wish you would just stop flaunting your new tits. I mean, we were just supposed to dress up as girls and then you go ahead and get this plastic surgeon to give you those breast implants. I mean..

KATE: Honey, it’s more than just a dressing game. I only want to be a beautiful woman – and your mother. I have the most beautiful daughter and it’s great we can spend all of this time together – let’s make it full time!

MARIA: You mean a full sex change? I don’t know...

KATE: That includes your own implants! You can be a cute B-cup, a curvy C-cup, a dangerous D-cup, OR…

MARIA: A va-va-va-voom Double D, just like my mom?

KATE: Maria, I love you any way you want to be. Let’s go visit Dr. Berger tomorrow morning and start us down the road to complete womanhood. In the meantime, there’s an old acquaintance over there that will definitely by two gorgeous women some drinks. He does have a son your age, and I think he’s somewhere in this bar. Baby, we could end up tonight in the beds of two rich studs who would fuck us all night long! Doesn’t that sound like a lots of fun?

MARIA: Oooh, Mommy, you’re such a great “bad” influence on me. Now you got me feeling so horny! We must be the sluttiest T-girl family there ever was!

Sunday, May 15, 2011


CHOOSE THE NEXT CAPTION! Make a comment on this post with your vote. Once a choice has at least three (3) requests, I’ll post it.

One vote per customer :

A) Through Thick and Thin
B) Welcome to the Show
C) Bachelor-ETTE Party
D) Big Deal!

PS: This isn’t optional ladies…. :)

XXXOOOO Mama Annie

Friday, May 13, 2011

Madame Jae's - The Secret Life of The Murphys



The Secret Life of The Murphys

“Mom, Nana, I got to admit,” Andrew Murphy, the 15 year boy who was now made up by the folks at Madame Jae’s as the uber-cute teen heartbreaker Amber, asked her family. “I’m maybe more shocked that the two of you – my stoic grandfather and serious father – have this flighty, glamorous girl side to you; that’s more shocking than me looking so pretty in dresses in make-up!”

“No surprise to us, Amber. You’re a Murphy girl,” Ginger Murphy said with her ice-melting smile.

“We’ve been going to Madame Jae’s since before you were born. Your mother has been dressing up with me since she was in college – probably why at age 35, she still looks like she’s 20! What do you think Lisa?”

“And you may be in your mid fifties, but you also look no older than the day we first went out together as girls, mother dear,” smirked Lisa as she reminisced about the day single dad Gordon Murphy and undergrad Larry discovered their beautiful new alter egos. “Amber, stay right there, let me get this scrapbook out of my closet – you’ll find this a very interesting peek into our past.”

Ten minutes later, the lovely teen gasped as she poured through before and after shots in the salon, as Ginger first showcased her namesake locks of luscious auburn hair. With their pale skin and Irish heritage, it was natural for “mother and daughter” to both express their lovely pale skin, green eyes, and rich flaming dos.

Awww, you look like princesses!” Amber said as her own eyes welled up in pride.

“I always remember that night at our first J-Club function; it was our coming out party and we had such a good time with each other – and our dates!” cooed Lisa.

Amber raised an eyebrow over “dates.”

Ginger grinned, “We were pretty nervous like you will be honey. But being in a strong man’s arms are wonderful; your mom and I can’t wait to for the day when you have your first experience.”

Amber blushed.

“So, ummm… what’s it like to kiss a boy – or man?,” Amber shyly asked.

Now it was Ginger’s turn to squirm. “Well, Amber . it’s hard to describe unless you’ve actually been kissed. You just want to melt into your guy’s arms and not want it to end – ever!”

“It really is an incredible feeling, baby,” sighed Lisa. “But part of being a girl is keeping your self control. Look, Mom and I are very comfortable when we are in girl mode and in handling the Jae Juice. You’re still new to this, so there’s need to rush anything Amber. Neither of us will push you into anything you’re not comfortable, and of course, should you decide to talk to or even go out with a J-Club boy, it’s not like you suddenly will become this wild child. We’re always here for you honey.”

“Thanks Mom, Nana, I know you will both be good role models for me I enjoy being Am- HOLY CRAP!” Amber exclaimed as she turned the page of the scrapbook, and was shocked at the sight of Lisa and Ginger proactively posing in leather and lace.

“Oh hell, Lisa, I totally forgot that we had done this photo shoot!” Ginger gasped, suppressing a giggle.

Lisa gulped, as the elder Murphys past caught up with them, “Amber, this was all in fun, we swear, your grandmother and I were not out of the street corner making a living.”

“MOM! Oh my God!” howled the pretty teen as the three redheaded T-gals shrieked in sheer laughter.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

ANNIE'S CAPS - Best Mother's Day Tale (Happy Moms Day to Moms - and Dads who want to be Moms)


starring Ian and his son Russ

As a single parent, nothing was more important to my than the respect and love of my only child. That being said, after my ex-wife ran away with my ex-best friend, I finally confronted my lifelong need to be myself – Isobel, a woman trapped by chromosomes. It scared the hell out of me to tell my 16 year old son that his father was a transsexual, would now be his mother, and would be very interested in being intimate with males. Thank God, between our long talks and some great counselors, he was able to accept me in this way.

In fact, we grew closer, and it was tough seeing him go to college a few years later. But after his first year at State, he said he had a very special Mother’s Day gift for me. My son, remembering holidays - what a change! But that was nothing compared to the sight of him when we arranged a nice dinner out on the town – there stood a lovely young blond in a romantic spring dress, smiling nervously..

“Last Halloween, on a lark, a bunch of guys cross-dressed for a party. I had a good time, especially when a football player asked me to dance with him. We got so caught up in the charade, I woke the next morning in his arms. So maybe the apple didn’t fall far from the tree, Mom?”

We hugged & cried and I told my new daughter that she already discovered my favorite reason for being a woman – the joy of having a man lovingly inside you!

That night at dinner, Rachel and I talked at length about finding Mr. Right and how to seduce him. Before long, we both had found our dream guys who worshiped us, respected us, and made us scream with delight. Next year, we’re planning a mom/daughter double wedding – on Mother’s Day, of course!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Madame Jae's - Role Modeling with the Murphy Family



The Murphy Models

“What could be cooler than getting a Madame Jae’s makeover just like my sexy “Mom” and “Nana”?” asked the pretty T-teen Amber Murphy. “Trying on these gorgeous dresses and then posing in them for a pro photographer!”

“Honey, you’re a natural, just like your Mom was the first time she posed with me,” grinned proud grandmother Ginger Murphy.

Her daughter, Lisa Murphy, giggled like a schoolgirl at Ginger’s compliment, “Like mother, like daughter – times two! We are quite the lovely trio aren’t we?”

“We definitely are Mom!” the new teen dream chirped. ‘We are three red hot redheads – looking so sweet and romantic!”

“Speaking of romantic,” Ginger said with a glint of mischief, I think you are ready to learn what it’s like to be a sensual and desired young lady. Right Lisa?”

“Great idea Mom,” Lisa smiled with a knowing look. “I think our little girl will learn quickly that being a Murphy girl means that she better get used to cute guys pursuing all three of us!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Artist Tribute: Some of the best "Family" Caps out there!

Recently I have been blessed with some nice emails from Diane Leonard, who every day posts about 12 caps on her blog and she gave me some advance copies of her posts where she has two protagonists - dad and son, usually - becoming sexy girls together as mom and daughter. Some of what she has shared with me and put on her own blog is here along with submissions from:

- Daddy Feminization
- Tiffany Anne
- and some great folks who's names I forgot :( (If anyone recognizes the artist please comment)

Happy Hump Day :)

MOTB Series: Special Delivery

MOTB Tales: Special Delivery

Corporal Russell Jackson, USMC, had returned from the Middle East, much to the delight of his best friend Andre Cole. Russ was like a brother, and he even felt close to Andre’s brothers Lewis, Colin, and Sean. He also saw Andre’s dad John as a father figure.

Which is why Russ was extremely shocked to see four lovely black women waiting for him when he came back stateside. The smiling, busty ebony beauty who grabbed him and kissed him had an amazing tale…

“Baby, it’s me, Andre, only… call me Angela now. I remember my life as your running buddy, but now I’ve turned into a woman who wants to spend my life with you. You had that strange artifact you found in Afghanistan sent back to US for you to sell or possibly display in your house – but after you went overseas, you had all your possessions stored here and your mail came here as well. Well, I was showing it to Pops and my little brothers, and suddenly there was this flash of light, and we all passed out."

"We woke up as girls, as if we had all been born this way. And we’re pretty and sexy and fierce. And after years of chasing honeys, we were the honeys and we all were interested in guys. Lena and Carrie have moved in with their new boyfriends, and its cute watching little Sasha kissing her boyfriend, the captain of the football team. Even Momma, the lovely Janet, has Preacher Collins courting her."

" As for me… I made my mind up right away that I was going to spend my life as Mrs. Russell Jackson. My best friend was gonna make an honest woman out of me, and we’re gonna make about 5 to 6 babies before we’re through – stud!”

Russ accepted his new wife, mother and sisters in law – like he had a choice!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

ANNIE'S CAPS - Subterfuge (AKA What if the Middleton birds were...)



29 April 2011, just outside Harrods

“Well, look at all of these paps taking photo after photo of the future consort and her family – wouldn’t the press have a field day if they discovered your true physical nature and disposition – Christopher?”

“Not so loud – Peter– you never know who’s listening. If word got back to Will’s gram, she’d throw all three of us in the Tower of London for 100 years!”

“Don’t worry your little sissy head off, my son. Her Majesty knows all about his love of trannies, and she was the one who came to your stepfather and l – once he fell in love with me after I gave up my life as Calvin, father of two sons, he went along with the grand scheme to claim us as his girls. I don’t even think Scotland Yard or MI5 have any idea of our true chromosomal distinction – or any pictures of our actual genetalia. Trust me loves, the Royals have completely suppressed any notion that the future bride of the monarch, her darling baby sister, and her proper but sexy mum are anything BUT 100% girly.”

“Oh I so love this life, Mum, and to think about tomorrow in my gown – and sis, I love your shape in your attendant frock - oh bugger, I hope we can all keep our sceptre in check! This could be an issue!”

“Brother/sister, dear… I’m kind of hoping that I get to brush my willy next to old Harry, see if he’s inclined like his brother. And Mum, I know you’ll give Father a good time this week, but you should explore some fresh meat. I hear Becks secretly lusts for T-ladies!”