Sunday, April 24, 2011

ORIGINAL STORY - Junior Miss (conclusion)


The story of THEA and ARIEL

on the road to happiness…

story by

Annabelle Raven

It seemed that in our darkest hour, my Mom and I needed a hero to save us from our dire circumstances. One night, Mom came home with a spring in her step. It seems that a man who at the diner not only gave her a big tip – he had asked her to go on a date!

“Is he a real hunk?” I asked and Mom grinned.

“I think he’s rich too,” she cooed.

It turns out that Ray was the president of his own company and he had a big mansion across town. Soon he became Mom’s boyfriend and he took her everywhere. He also was very kind to both of us, offering to pay my way through college. We were nervous that he didn’t know that Mom and I were born male, and that we were still saving for our operations!

One night Ray asked Mom to marry him, and she bawled because she felt she couldn’t say yes! Finally she told him our story, and incredibly, he said it didn’t matter.

“You are a woman at heart, Thea – you are a wonderful role model to Ariel – and I can’t wait until you are Mrs. Raymond Rhodes.”

The next day, she told me the great news and we hugged and cried. The best news was that Ray was going to pay for BOTH our surgeries.

“Just think, sweetie – soon I will have a husband that will make love to me – and I think you should start looking for your Prince Charming!”

I had enjoyed living vicariously through hearing Mom talk about how Ray had made her feel – she was right, I was ready for love!

A month after our surgeries, Ray hosted a large engagement party that everyone in town attended. We squeezed our curvy bodies into slinky evening gowns, knowing the effect it would have on all males present.

While Mom clung to her man, I flirted with Joe, who was a rising junior executive in Ray’s company. After a few dances, I knew I wanted Joe to stay with me that night. Across the ballroom, I saw Mom dancing with her man. We exchanged knowing glances – we were both ready to seduce our lovers that night.

And our new plumbing worked just fine….

I don’t know what was more wonderful – helping Mom get ready for her dream wedding to Ray, shopping for her incredible ivory gown, or dressing in my own sexy and silky maid of honor dress. It was the society event of the year, and it would probably never be topped for its opulence, pageantry, or excess.

Well, that will be until MY wedding. While my mom and stepdad were away in Europe for their honeymoon, Joe proposed to me! I said yes, but I told him that I had promised my family that I would finish college first – after all, Daddy was footing the bill.

Now that she was Mrs. Rhodes, she had quit the waitress gig and now was starting her own catering company. When I graduated I was going to be her partner! Her “junior partner”; as she likes to joke, “After all, you name was Anthony, Jr., at one time!”

Since the day that I came out to Mom, our lives had changed so much. Through thick and thin, Mom has been my role model, my best girlfriend, and my advocate in pursing my heart’s desire. Together we came to understand the power of being a beautiful woman. We now know how to please our guys and how to can make us cry out in passion and joy. And while we so enjoy being ravaged by our studs – we really cherish our unique & unbreakable mother/daughter bond!

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