Friday, April 8, 2011

MOTB: Romantic Guidance

MOTB Tales: Romantic Guidance

Brother Scott and Paul Burke were joined at the hip – they were principals of a successful family law firm, they were both father figures to Scott’s son Ryan (born out of wedlock to a woman no longer in their lives), and today, like their pride and joy, they were gorgeous women dressed in gowns and being kissed by their men as a photographer captured this lovely moment for posterity. Why?

When at 18, Ryan announced that he was really a girl named Rachel, the brothers came to grips

with their dormant desires, and together they shed their facades and began living life as sisters Sandra and Pamela. The trio helped each other through the transition, as their bodies were reshaped by surgery, hormones, and salon treatments.

Within 2 years, Sandra and Pamela had landed former business associates as lovers who worshiped and cherished the lovely pair. After college, Rachel was proposed to Hale, son of Pam’s boyfriend Will. Last year, Will and Pam married in a joint ceremony with Sandi and her Alex.

Today, Alex gave away Rachel as both her mom and Aunt Pam dabbed away tears. Pam and Sandi also gave the beautiful blonde great advice from their honeymoons, on how to drive her new husband wild!

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