Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Madame Jae's - Sisters? Not Quite



The Murphy “Sisters”

“Hi! My name is Andy – I mean, Amber Murphy; I’m 14 years old and…”

“And I’m Lisa Murphy, and I’m Amber’s…”

“Sister, you’re the middle sister, and I’m Ginger, and the big sister – we’re the Murphy Sisters!” (laughs)

“OK OK… you and Dad were big jokesters before you turned out so glam, Gramps…. even though you both look so freaking hot… there’s no way anyone would believe we’re sisters!”

“Well, honey, your grandmother and I had sometimes acted more like sisters or best girlfriends when we come here to Madame Jae…”

“Well, Lisa, you were already a young dad when we discovered that ad in the magazine, and wow, we were a couple of wild chicks, weren’t we?”

“Mom you always blamed it on the Jae Juice whenever you got in front of cute guys.”

“Speaking of the Juice, Mom… is that how you both got the big chest? How about letting your ‘lil sis’ have a big sip of that?”

“Patience, darling. Tis true, we did have a lot of wild times here at the Salon and at the J-Club functions, but we decided that we would enjoy watching you go enjoy life as a pretty teen with us hens relishing the motherly side of the equation.”

“Yea, too bad we didn’t discover MJ’s until after I left college; I missed having my mom mentor me as a young woman. Now you get two generations of J-Girls to guide you.”

“And the best part is… Andy’s going into storage with Larry and Gordon for the summer. This is a girly summer, and we girlies will have a blast shopping, primping, and making J-Clubbers drool.”

“Awesome, Nana! I’m going to have the most fun as a girl. Even when it comes to guys.”

“That is if we don’t steal the hearts of any of your potential boyfriends, Amber.” .”

Hmmph maybe Mom or I’ll steal YOUR boyfriend – how about that, GRANNY!” (giggles)

“Ha - Do I look like an old biddy to you?

“Now ladies… you may be a cougar and a kitten but there’s no need for a catfight… there’ll be plenty of sexy men for all of us to enjoy!” ;)


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