Thursday, April 14, 2011

ANNIE'S CAPS - Sexpot Jackpot! (triple payout)

Sexpot Jackpot

Who’s says money can’t buy you happiness?

18 year old Jeremy Parker was only happy when he was dressed in feminine garb. He came by his transgender tendencies naturally, as he learned by spying in his grandfather Warren (57) and dad Dean (38) who had no idea that this ran in the family. Until the three of them put $20 towards Powerball tickets – and they won the $20 million jackpot!

No more school, no more work, no more debt – and for Jeremy, a chance to live his dream and make his family just as happy!

After two years and lots of cosmetic surgery and other treatments, being rich is the least of the new lifestyle the Parker family has. Money can sometimes come between family members, but since they all used their winnings in exactly the same way, there’s nothing but love and sharing between Jasmine, her new mom Dawn and the very un-granny like Whitney!

They share the same clothes, shoes, lingerie, tanning beds, bikinis, thongs, stripper poles and most importantly – sexual secrets! No man can believe that they are 3 generations of she-male family; for they look like sisters, and they certainly don’t look like guys. And because they are looking out for each other, they certainly don’t mind sharing a lot of long hard cocks between the three of them!

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