Wednesday, April 6, 2011

ANNIE'S CAPS - Retribution (in the style of Diane Leonard)

Dave Wilson couldn’t help but moan like a whore as the sensation of Jason’s thrusting into her new vagina . Tensing up for the next plunge, Dave’s college age son Ted sighed as she fingered her newly gained snatch.

“Mom,” the rechristened Tiffany cooed, “I want some of that juicy cock, save some for your little girl.”

Dave, rather Diane, laughed. “Now honey, I love you and I want you to feel as good as I do, but… ooooh… there’s no way I’m jumping off this fabulous cock. But don’t worry daughter o’mine… Jason’s dad is coming over as we speak. I’m sure we’ll keep both of them “coming” and “coming” (giggle). Oh yea right there stud.”

Dave and Ted certainly never given a thought that it would be better to be horny bitches than it would be to find then. But after the judge sentenced them to retribution to Glen Powell and his son Jason for trashing their neighbor’s yard and cars, the only payment the Powell would accept would be for the Wilsons to surrender their maleness and agree to be Glen’s new wife and stepdaughter.

The rich banker paid for the surgery, the hormones, the coaching, everything. Diane acted all indignant but secretly she knew she was much happier as a woman, and she guessed correctly that Tiffany would be as sex-crazed as her new mother!

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Anonymous said...

You seem to know my mind pretty well... love it. Thank you so much, great job.