Saturday, April 2, 2011

ANNIE'S CAPS - Personal Growth

Yea, it was a little strange to see Robert Burrell – the role model of all things manliness that I had called “Dad” for 16 years – rocking a hot bikini and showing off his curvy figure. Equally strange – seeing two round breasts covered by my own bikini top, with my now long dark hair cascading in the wind.

I am – or was – Joey Burrell, normal teenage boy who was exposed to strange radiation along with Dad when we lived in our old home town. Who knew that the power company was flaunting safety regulations like they were?

We got really sick and lost a lot of weight, but the change in our hormonal output was a nightmare at the time.

Fortunately, the staff at St. Elizabeth’s really helped us cope – mostly by focusing on building the bonds of trust between Dad – now Mom – and myself. As guys we roughhoused and joked around, but as girls, Mom and became much closer; we certainly never cried – or laughed – or squealed – the way we did before. I had missed having a woman around the house after Dad divorced – now we were women – almost.

The corporation kept us from suing them by setting up new identities as Rebecca Burns and her daughter Jodie – moved us to Florida and got us a realnice house and even some cute cars – and clothes to die for! Especially this hot swimwear.

Now we’re hanging out at the beach a lot in our bikinis – and we’re being watched, but that’s OK, coz we’re watching the guys who are watching us. Mom says that’s a sign that we weregrowing into our female identities.

“Besides,” she grinned as a couple of hunks walked by our chairs, “There’s some nice growth

inside those guys’ trunks, honey.”

We both giggled as we knew we would have a great life and a lot of fun as mom and daughter!

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