Monday, April 18, 2011

ANNIE'S CAPS - A Little Chat

“A Little Chat”

starring Brianna (20), Zack (20) and Charlotte (44)

Brad: So Zack, what do you think of our look?

Zack: Dude, I still can’t believe it! Both you and your Dad – you look and sound and act like beautiful women! It’s incredible!

Cliff: I don’t think you call her “dude” any more young man – and I’m nobody’s dad!

Zack: Sorry Mr. Jones – I mean… Mrs. Jones… it takes a lot to get used to!

Brianna: Now, Zacky… Mom’s a single woman, just like yours truly!

Charlotte: Technically, we are intersexed transwomen –what you might call a tranny or shemale.

Brianna: And we’re kind of sex obsessed now … isn’t that right, Mom?

Charlotte: Zack, we have a proposition for you. You can board with Brie and I for free this semester – provided that you can handle a horny T-girl coed and her equally randy mother every night in the bed we’ll all share; what do you think?

Brianna: I’m hard now just thinking about the fun we’ll have!

Zack: That makes two – no, THREE of us!

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