Friday, April 29, 2011

ANNIE'S CAPS - The Life You Save...

The Life You Save… May Be Your Own

Craig and I were in a bad bad way after Sharon was cruelly taken from us in that car crash. And when Dr. Wallace told me, “Brian, you have testicular cancer,” it nearly sent my son over the edge. Weak as I was from chemo, I prayed that he wouldn’t get lost in his depression, and spiral into drugs or even suicidal urges. Hell, his male role model was going to have his balls removed – what kind of man could I be as a father figure?

Of course, I really wasn’t that macho and like me Craig was thin and almost feminine. So I guess

I shouldn’t have been surprised that he began to go through Sharon’s wardrobe; maybe it helped him cope with her loss, and hey – he did make a cute girl.

As I lay at home recovering,

my own lack of testosterone was making me gaunt, moody – I found myself crying like a little girl! Then “she” walked into my dark bedroom.

“Call me Caitlin,” my would be daughter whispered to me as she kissed my pale cheek. “You know, going through Mom’s stuff, I found these photos from when you met in high school – something called the “Miss Stone Tech” womanless pageant.

“It was just a silly joke,” I croaked.

“Hmmm… Brian Greene, aka Miss Brooke, took 1st place amongst the seniors… look at that flaming red hair offset by that soft ivory skin. You’re a beautiful woman, you know that?”

I hadn’t seen that picture of me in years ; Caitlin was right.

“I’ve decided that I want to follow in your footsteps – I want to be a girl – just like Mommy.”

I started bawling , “Your were her angel – boy or girl.”

Then she kissed me and said, “I have a Mommy in heaven – now I need one here on earth. Your masculinity been given a death sentence, but I think now would be a great time to bring Brooke back to life, to guide Caitlin, as her mother.” Then she sobbed, and collapsed in my arms. Her words, crazy as they may be, made perfect sense…

For her 21st birthday, and in recognition of the six month celebration of our surgeries , we booked a two week cruise to the Southern Caribbean. Here’s a cute picture of us on the beach!

By jointly becoming women, we held each others’ hands as we made our lives worth living. Mother and daughter will never be far apart… except when we lure our wonderfully sweet and sexy boyfriends back to our separate cabins and seduce them!

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