Sunday, April 3, 2011

ANNIE'S CAPS - Graduation Day

Graduation Day

“Natalie, we’re so proud of you!” 14 year old Nicholas Cray blushed at the complement from his grandfather George Cray and father Michael Cray.

A year ago, Nicholas was just another slacker kid who was following in family footsteps by attending the unique Blossom Institute for Youth . BIY had shaped the lives of George and Mike and now Nick was a graduate to.

And like his male progeny, the kid was exposed to living life in pretty dresses, makeup, and cute shoes. Like all Blossom alumni, George and Mike “brought back” their Blossom identities as Gloria and Marisa. The would be proud grandmother and mother stood with the very cute Nattie for photos and a little “girl talk.”

“Wow, I never expected you both to show up in dresses,” giggled the proud graduate.

“Darling, your mom and I have waiting for years to spring our little surprise on you,” Gloria cooed.

Natalie, we three gals are spending the summer on the coast. Right after this party, we’re going shopping for more cute clothes, and Grandma has already rented a condo for us girls to live in,” gushed Marisa as she grasped her daughters hand.

“But, what about your jobs, Mom, Grandma?”

Gloria grinned, “Well I’m ready to retire; trust me, we have enough to live on – but Marisa and I are now in the market for some rich boyfriends!”

“Oh yes, Mom, and we’ll get a couple of front row seats for when our Nattie begins dating boys!

DATING BOYS?! Natalie’s girly heart beat 10 times faster beneath her cute pink brassiere…

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