Tuesday, April 12, 2011

ANNIE'S CAPS - Experienced Women (with something special)


Leo : Tell me, sweetheart… look in the mirror… tell me what you see… who do you see?

Sean: I see two very beautiful redheaded women – a daughter standing behind her loving mother. Both of them have incredible bodies and are wearing the skimpiest and

sexiest lingerie imaginable. Holy shit, Dad… is that really us in the mirror?

Linda: You’re damn right it’s us. This is the real us by the way. After all of the hormones and plastic surgery and these lovely hair extensions. After winning the lottery, the only thing I could think of was that I could finally afford to quit my job and live my true calling as a she-male prostitute. I just wish I’d known about your dressing as a girl in private a lot sooner, honey!

Sarah: And I wish I knew about your private stash in the attic, Mom! Oh but now we’re really going to love our new lives. I can’t wait to make my debut as a sissy call girl tonight, alongside my mommy!

Linda: Sarah… as your new mother, I need to make sure my new daughter obtains the proper EXPERIENCE as a young woman.

Sarah: Oooh Mom, is that why these two fine fellows are here?

Linda: Antoine… Miguel… this is my daughter. Each of you while have an opportunity to give her the necessary EXPERIENCE… that is, when you’re not giving it hard and fast to her very horny mother.

Sarah: Oh my God… Mom… they… they’re so HUGE! And…

Linda: Sarah, Mommy can feel how excited you are when you press up against my back like that. Let’s take the boys over to the bed so I can show you the very best part about being a sexy bitch… next to the mother/daughter bonding we can share!

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