Friday, April 29, 2011

ANNIE'S CAPS - The Life You Save...

The Life You Save… May Be Your Own

Craig and I were in a bad bad way after Sharon was cruelly taken from us in that car crash. And when Dr. Wallace told me, “Brian, you have testicular cancer,” it nearly sent my son over the edge. Weak as I was from chemo, I prayed that he wouldn’t get lost in his depression, and spiral into drugs or even suicidal urges. Hell, his male role model was going to have his balls removed – what kind of man could I be as a father figure?

Of course, I really wasn’t that macho and like me Craig was thin and almost feminine. So I guess

I shouldn’t have been surprised that he began to go through Sharon’s wardrobe; maybe it helped him cope with her loss, and hey – he did make a cute girl.

As I lay at home recovering,

my own lack of testosterone was making me gaunt, moody – I found myself crying like a little girl! Then “she” walked into my dark bedroom.

“Call me Caitlin,” my would be daughter whispered to me as she kissed my pale cheek. “You know, going through Mom’s stuff, I found these photos from when you met in high school – something called the “Miss Stone Tech” womanless pageant.

“It was just a silly joke,” I croaked.

“Hmmm… Brian Greene, aka Miss Brooke, took 1st place amongst the seniors… look at that flaming red hair offset by that soft ivory skin. You’re a beautiful woman, you know that?”

I hadn’t seen that picture of me in years ; Caitlin was right.

“I’ve decided that I want to follow in your footsteps – I want to be a girl – just like Mommy.”

I started bawling , “Your were her angel – boy or girl.”

Then she kissed me and said, “I have a Mommy in heaven – now I need one here on earth. Your masculinity been given a death sentence, but I think now would be a great time to bring Brooke back to life, to guide Caitlin, as her mother.” Then she sobbed, and collapsed in my arms. Her words, crazy as they may be, made perfect sense…

For her 21st birthday, and in recognition of the six month celebration of our surgeries , we booked a two week cruise to the Southern Caribbean. Here’s a cute picture of us on the beach!

By jointly becoming women, we held each others’ hands as we made our lives worth living. Mother and daughter will never be far apart… except when we lure our wonderfully sweet and sexy boyfriends back to our separate cabins and seduce them!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Madame Jae's - Sisters? Not Quite



The Murphy “Sisters”

“Hi! My name is Andy – I mean, Amber Murphy; I’m 14 years old and…”

“And I’m Lisa Murphy, and I’m Amber’s…”

“Sister, you’re the middle sister, and I’m Ginger, and the big sister – we’re the Murphy Sisters!” (laughs)

“OK OK… you and Dad were big jokesters before you turned out so glam, Gramps…. even though you both look so freaking hot… there’s no way anyone would believe we’re sisters!”

“Well, honey, your grandmother and I had sometimes acted more like sisters or best girlfriends when we come here to Madame Jae…”

“Well, Lisa, you were already a young dad when we discovered that ad in the magazine, and wow, we were a couple of wild chicks, weren’t we?”

“Mom you always blamed it on the Jae Juice whenever you got in front of cute guys.”

“Speaking of the Juice, Mom… is that how you both got the big chest? How about letting your ‘lil sis’ have a big sip of that?”

“Patience, darling. Tis true, we did have a lot of wild times here at the Salon and at the J-Club functions, but we decided that we would enjoy watching you go enjoy life as a pretty teen with us hens relishing the motherly side of the equation.”

“Yea, too bad we didn’t discover MJ’s until after I left college; I missed having my mom mentor me as a young woman. Now you get two generations of J-Girls to guide you.”

“And the best part is… Andy’s going into storage with Larry and Gordon for the summer. This is a girly summer, and we girlies will have a blast shopping, primping, and making J-Clubbers drool.”

“Awesome, Nana! I’m going to have the most fun as a girl. Even when it comes to guys.”

“That is if we don’t steal the hearts of any of your potential boyfriends, Amber.” .”

Hmmph maybe Mom or I’ll steal YOUR boyfriend – how about that, GRANNY!” (giggles)

“Ha - Do I look like an old biddy to you?

“Now ladies… you may be a cougar and a kitten but there’s no need for a catfight… there’ll be plenty of sexy men for all of us to enjoy!” ;)


Sunday, April 24, 2011

ORIGINAL STORY - Junior Miss (conclusion)


The story of THEA and ARIEL

on the road to happiness…

story by

Annabelle Raven

It seemed that in our darkest hour, my Mom and I needed a hero to save us from our dire circumstances. One night, Mom came home with a spring in her step. It seems that a man who at the diner not only gave her a big tip – he had asked her to go on a date!

“Is he a real hunk?” I asked and Mom grinned.

“I think he’s rich too,” she cooed.

It turns out that Ray was the president of his own company and he had a big mansion across town. Soon he became Mom’s boyfriend and he took her everywhere. He also was very kind to both of us, offering to pay my way through college. We were nervous that he didn’t know that Mom and I were born male, and that we were still saving for our operations!

One night Ray asked Mom to marry him, and she bawled because she felt she couldn’t say yes! Finally she told him our story, and incredibly, he said it didn’t matter.

“You are a woman at heart, Thea – you are a wonderful role model to Ariel – and I can’t wait until you are Mrs. Raymond Rhodes.”

The next day, she told me the great news and we hugged and cried. The best news was that Ray was going to pay for BOTH our surgeries.

“Just think, sweetie – soon I will have a husband that will make love to me – and I think you should start looking for your Prince Charming!”

I had enjoyed living vicariously through hearing Mom talk about how Ray had made her feel – she was right, I was ready for love!

A month after our surgeries, Ray hosted a large engagement party that everyone in town attended. We squeezed our curvy bodies into slinky evening gowns, knowing the effect it would have on all males present.

While Mom clung to her man, I flirted with Joe, who was a rising junior executive in Ray’s company. After a few dances, I knew I wanted Joe to stay with me that night. Across the ballroom, I saw Mom dancing with her man. We exchanged knowing glances – we were both ready to seduce our lovers that night.

And our new plumbing worked just fine….

I don’t know what was more wonderful – helping Mom get ready for her dream wedding to Ray, shopping for her incredible ivory gown, or dressing in my own sexy and silky maid of honor dress. It was the society event of the year, and it would probably never be topped for its opulence, pageantry, or excess.

Well, that will be until MY wedding. While my mom and stepdad were away in Europe for their honeymoon, Joe proposed to me! I said yes, but I told him that I had promised my family that I would finish college first – after all, Daddy was footing the bill.

Now that she was Mrs. Rhodes, she had quit the waitress gig and now was starting her own catering company. When I graduated I was going to be her partner! Her “junior partner”; as she likes to joke, “After all, you name was Anthony, Jr., at one time!”

Since the day that I came out to Mom, our lives had changed so much. Through thick and thin, Mom has been my role model, my best girlfriend, and my advocate in pursing my heart’s desire. Together we came to understand the power of being a beautiful woman. We now know how to please our guys and how to can make us cry out in passion and joy. And while we so enjoy being ravaged by our studs – we really cherish our unique & unbreakable mother/daughter bond!

Friday, April 22, 2011



The story of THEA and ARIEL

on the road to happiness…

story by

Annabelle Raven

My name was Anthony Carlson Jr. At age 10, my dad Tony announced that my biological mother ran away in disgust over his gender confusion – down deep, she must have known that like Dad, I was prettiest girlish for a young lad. So I was not surprised when my dad transitioned to become my new mother, Thea. And I was so happy not only that my parent was now truly living a pretty blonde lady, but that as my Mom she was the sweetest and most attentive to my needs as I grew up.

I watched in amazement as hormones and cosmetics transformed the skinny, pale man who was my dad into a bombshell! I noticed how many looks from men she got when we were out and about. Maybe I was a little jealous? For sure, she sure looked and felt happy – and I wanted to be that happy – at that moment I knew that I wanted to follow in her (high heeled) footsteps. She absolutely supported me as I dressed for the first time in girls’ clothes and a blonde wig and makeup.

“My daughter is so gorgeous – and while I have always loved you as my son – I think being a mom with such a cute daughter will be so much fun!” We hugged and cried and we sat down to plan my transition to being female. Now I was Thea’s beautiful daughter Ariel…

By my 17th birthday, I no longer needed a wig, or a stuffed bra. I was quickly growing now own full breasts, and had a round, tight rear end – just like Mom! She had become hormone treatment two full years before I did, but she had to undo everything male puberty had given her as a guy. But almost nobody would know that we were not genetically female – you’d have to look at what was left in our silken panties.

But there was a bigger problem. There had been money in the bank before Mom began transitioning, and when I made my wishes known to also become a girl, it sped up the draining of her reserves. We were running out of money, and still had to pay the monthly rent and eat (at least we watched our figures, which saved us on the groceries). Mom took a second job as a waitress in a diner (she looked so cute in her uniform). I wanted to work there as well, but she insisted that I commit myself to two things: working on my girlishness and studying hard in high school. I really needed to get a scholarship for any hope at college.

We got by, but Mom still couldn’t afford to schedule the final surgery – for either of us. We still had our male organs – no social life and we couldn’t even afford a lot of new clothes. Mom came home every night exhausted; it made so sad to see her this way. I cried myself to sleep at night…

Monday, April 18, 2011

ANNIE'S CAPS - A Little Chat

“A Little Chat”

starring Brianna (20), Zack (20) and Charlotte (44)

Brad: So Zack, what do you think of our look?

Zack: Dude, I still can’t believe it! Both you and your Dad – you look and sound and act like beautiful women! It’s incredible!

Cliff: I don’t think you call her “dude” any more young man – and I’m nobody’s dad!

Zack: Sorry Mr. Jones – I mean… Mrs. Jones… it takes a lot to get used to!

Brianna: Now, Zacky… Mom’s a single woman, just like yours truly!

Charlotte: Technically, we are intersexed transwomen –what you might call a tranny or shemale.

Brianna: And we’re kind of sex obsessed now … isn’t that right, Mom?

Charlotte: Zack, we have a proposition for you. You can board with Brie and I for free this semester – provided that you can handle a horny T-girl coed and her equally randy mother every night in the bed we’ll all share; what do you think?

Brianna: I’m hard now just thinking about the fun we’ll have!

Zack: That makes two – no, THREE of us!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

ANNIE'S CAPS - Sexpot Jackpot! (triple payout)

Sexpot Jackpot

Who’s says money can’t buy you happiness?

18 year old Jeremy Parker was only happy when he was dressed in feminine garb. He came by his transgender tendencies naturally, as he learned by spying in his grandfather Warren (57) and dad Dean (38) who had no idea that this ran in the family. Until the three of them put $20 towards Powerball tickets – and they won the $20 million jackpot!

No more school, no more work, no more debt – and for Jeremy, a chance to live his dream and make his family just as happy!

After two years and lots of cosmetic surgery and other treatments, being rich is the least of the new lifestyle the Parker family has. Money can sometimes come between family members, but since they all used their winnings in exactly the same way, there’s nothing but love and sharing between Jasmine, her new mom Dawn and the very un-granny like Whitney!

They share the same clothes, shoes, lingerie, tanning beds, bikinis, thongs, stripper poles and most importantly – sexual secrets! No man can believe that they are 3 generations of she-male family; for they look like sisters, and they certainly don’t look like guys. And because they are looking out for each other, they certainly don’t mind sharing a lot of long hard cocks between the three of them!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

ANNIE'S CAPS - Experienced Women (with something special)


Leo : Tell me, sweetheart… look in the mirror… tell me what you see… who do you see?

Sean: I see two very beautiful redheaded women – a daughter standing behind her loving mother. Both of them have incredible bodies and are wearing the skimpiest and

sexiest lingerie imaginable. Holy shit, Dad… is that really us in the mirror?

Linda: You’re damn right it’s us. This is the real us by the way. After all of the hormones and plastic surgery and these lovely hair extensions. After winning the lottery, the only thing I could think of was that I could finally afford to quit my job and live my true calling as a she-male prostitute. I just wish I’d known about your dressing as a girl in private a lot sooner, honey!

Sarah: And I wish I knew about your private stash in the attic, Mom! Oh but now we’re really going to love our new lives. I can’t wait to make my debut as a sissy call girl tonight, alongside my mommy!

Linda: Sarah… as your new mother, I need to make sure my new daughter obtains the proper EXPERIENCE as a young woman.

Sarah: Oooh Mom, is that why these two fine fellows are here?

Linda: Antoine… Miguel… this is my daughter. Each of you while have an opportunity to give her the necessary EXPERIENCE… that is, when you’re not giving it hard and fast to her very horny mother.

Sarah: Oh my God… Mom… they… they’re so HUGE! And…

Linda: Sarah, Mommy can feel how excited you are when you press up against my back like that. Let’s take the boys over to the bed so I can show you the very best part about being a sexy bitch… next to the mother/daughter bonding we can share!

Friday, April 8, 2011

MOTB: Romantic Guidance

MOTB Tales: Romantic Guidance

Brother Scott and Paul Burke were joined at the hip – they were principals of a successful family law firm, they were both father figures to Scott’s son Ryan (born out of wedlock to a woman no longer in their lives), and today, like their pride and joy, they were gorgeous women dressed in gowns and being kissed by their men as a photographer captured this lovely moment for posterity. Why?

When at 18, Ryan announced that he was really a girl named Rachel, the brothers came to grips

with their dormant desires, and together they shed their facades and began living life as sisters Sandra and Pamela. The trio helped each other through the transition, as their bodies were reshaped by surgery, hormones, and salon treatments.

Within 2 years, Sandra and Pamela had landed former business associates as lovers who worshiped and cherished the lovely pair. After college, Rachel was proposed to Hale, son of Pam’s boyfriend Will. Last year, Will and Pam married in a joint ceremony with Sandi and her Alex.

Today, Alex gave away Rachel as both her mom and Aunt Pam dabbed away tears. Pam and Sandi also gave the beautiful blonde great advice from their honeymoons, on how to drive her new husband wild!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

ANNIE'S CAPS - Retribution (in the style of Diane Leonard)

Dave Wilson couldn’t help but moan like a whore as the sensation of Jason’s thrusting into her new vagina . Tensing up for the next plunge, Dave’s college age son Ted sighed as she fingered her newly gained snatch.

“Mom,” the rechristened Tiffany cooed, “I want some of that juicy cock, save some for your little girl.”

Dave, rather Diane, laughed. “Now honey, I love you and I want you to feel as good as I do, but… ooooh… there’s no way I’m jumping off this fabulous cock. But don’t worry daughter o’mine… Jason’s dad is coming over as we speak. I’m sure we’ll keep both of them “coming” and “coming” (giggle). Oh yea right there stud.”

Dave and Ted certainly never given a thought that it would be better to be horny bitches than it would be to find then. But after the judge sentenced them to retribution to Glen Powell and his son Jason for trashing their neighbor’s yard and cars, the only payment the Powell would accept would be for the Wilsons to surrender their maleness and agree to be Glen’s new wife and stepdaughter.

The rich banker paid for the surgery, the hormones, the coaching, everything. Diane acted all indignant but secretly she knew she was much happier as a woman, and she guessed correctly that Tiffany would be as sex-crazed as her new mother!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

SALUTE TO DIANE LEONARD: A very special Annie's Caps

A couple of days ago, I shared a cute family cap from Diane Leonard, who wrote me back and offered to share some similar caps. She is so prolific, as every day she must add about 20 new caps.

Anyhoo she sent me about 18, and these are my fave 5. I will probably post more later, but a big shout out to Diane for her work and her generous gift to all of us. Love ya!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

ANNIE'S CAPS - Graduation Day

Graduation Day

“Natalie, we’re so proud of you!” 14 year old Nicholas Cray blushed at the complement from his grandfather George Cray and father Michael Cray.

A year ago, Nicholas was just another slacker kid who was following in family footsteps by attending the unique Blossom Institute for Youth . BIY had shaped the lives of George and Mike and now Nick was a graduate to.

And like his male progeny, the kid was exposed to living life in pretty dresses, makeup, and cute shoes. Like all Blossom alumni, George and Mike “brought back” their Blossom identities as Gloria and Marisa. The would be proud grandmother and mother stood with the very cute Nattie for photos and a little “girl talk.”

“Wow, I never expected you both to show up in dresses,” giggled the proud graduate.

“Darling, your mom and I have waiting for years to spring our little surprise on you,” Gloria cooed.

Natalie, we three gals are spending the summer on the coast. Right after this party, we’re going shopping for more cute clothes, and Grandma has already rented a condo for us girls to live in,” gushed Marisa as she grasped her daughters hand.

“But, what about your jobs, Mom, Grandma?”

Gloria grinned, “Well I’m ready to retire; trust me, we have enough to live on – but Marisa and I are now in the market for some rich boyfriends!”

“Oh yes, Mom, and we’ll get a couple of front row seats for when our Nattie begins dating boys!

DATING BOYS?! Natalie’s girly heart beat 10 times faster beneath her cute pink brassiere…

Saturday, April 2, 2011

ANNIE'S CAPS - Personal Growth

Yea, it was a little strange to see Robert Burrell – the role model of all things manliness that I had called “Dad” for 16 years – rocking a hot bikini and showing off his curvy figure. Equally strange – seeing two round breasts covered by my own bikini top, with my now long dark hair cascading in the wind.

I am – or was – Joey Burrell, normal teenage boy who was exposed to strange radiation along with Dad when we lived in our old home town. Who knew that the power company was flaunting safety regulations like they were?

We got really sick and lost a lot of weight, but the change in our hormonal output was a nightmare at the time.

Fortunately, the staff at St. Elizabeth’s really helped us cope – mostly by focusing on building the bonds of trust between Dad – now Mom – and myself. As guys we roughhoused and joked around, but as girls, Mom and became much closer; we certainly never cried – or laughed – or squealed – the way we did before. I had missed having a woman around the house after Dad divorced – now we were women – almost.

The corporation kept us from suing them by setting up new identities as Rebecca Burns and her daughter Jodie – moved us to Florida and got us a realnice house and even some cute cars – and clothes to die for! Especially this hot swimwear.

Now we’re hanging out at the beach a lot in our bikinis – and we’re being watched, but that’s OK, coz we’re watching the guys who are watching us. Mom says that’s a sign that we weregrowing into our female identities.

“Besides,” she grinned as a couple of hunks walked by our chairs, “There’s some nice growth

inside those guys’ trunks, honey.”

We both giggled as we knew we would have a great life and a lot of fun as mom and daughter!