Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Madame Jae's - Family of the Year 2

“I turned to Jenni as we rode to shop – honey I had no idea –
that caused her to grin and whisper to me, ‘When I learned about Madame Jae’s and how the specialize in families – at first I would never have wanted to be girl – but then I saw these other guys and their dads looking so gorgeous as ladies – my mind began to wander. Then I saw some of them flirting with the J-Club guys. The new girls had the guys in the palm of their hand. I realize that I could hold control over a cute guy – that would be fun. A lot of fun!’"

"So my new daughter wanted to land herself a boy toy to play with – but what about me? I never had a gay thought in my life – but looking down at my curvy body, and feeling some strange feelings, I mentally decided that I would be open to dating a man, as Sue."

"The trip to the mall, and then back to the salon, everything was a wild, exotic rush. That weekend, Jenni and I were going to our first Jae’s Club formal event, and we bought two slinky black dresses that left nothing to the imagination when it came our new gender identity; our low cut gowns, high heels, and red lips and nails would announce to all that we are here to seduce – or be seduced by – any stud we chose."

"‘Mom… we might have a night we’ll never forget,’ Jenni said as we finished our makeup."

"‘Are you nervous?’ I asked. She nodded slightly and her lower lip quivered. I did by best as her new mom to put my arm on her shoulder and a peck on the cheek. ‘Don’t worry – our dates are J-Club men, and they will make sure we feel safe, secure. I’m sure we’ll come to breakfast with big smiles on our faces, baby.’"

"Oh - we sure did!”

“I remember getting up around 10 AM to make coffee and some eggs. I normally get up around 7, but Daniel had needed a little attention and I enjoyed the morning with him. As I made my way to the kitchen, in my teddy and matching lace robe - I was walking a little funny (laugh) – wonder why."

"Well, my darling Jennifer, looking so cute in a pink nightshirt and slippers, is also having similar walking issues. We look at each other, and start giggling like schoolgirls because we KNOW what her night was like. We embraced and just stood there in the kitchen for what seemed like hours."

"I finally whispered to her, ‘How’s Bobby?'

"And she sighed and whimpered, ‘Oh Mommy – he makes me feel… like a PRINCESS. I had no idea that it would feel so good. It was like… like…’"

"‘Fireworks?’ I snickered."

"‘Non stop fireworks!’ she gushed and we laughed some more. Finally, we returned to making some breakfast and feeding our guys. From that morning on, we knew that there was no turning back, and we have completely made our lives better."

"Thank you to our dear Madame Jae, her darling staff, and all of you, especially you J-Club fellows, for this wonderful award. But most of all, Jennifer and I thank you for showing us a new and better way to live our lives….”

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