Monday, March 21, 2011

ANNIE'S CAPS - Trifecta (sequel to Three Point Play)


When we last saw Ryan Winslow and his twin teen sons Ian and Ethan, they were finally starting to adapt well to their lives under Witness Protection, as mother and daughters. Ingrid and Eliza were now sisters and still hooping it up in the high school gym, but now they were totally into flirting with, and even dating cute boys. Somehow they balanced straight A schoolwork, championship level scholastic basketball, chores, shopping, and an increasing social calendar. For a majority of these activities, these cute blondes were joined by their equally beautiful mother Robyn; as their coach and head of household, she brought out the best in her pride & joy.

But as a newly minted woman, she paid attention to the girls as they figured out what they were clueless to as boys; how a sexy blonde can get what she wants from a smitten beau. Ingrid & Eliza happily help Robyn pick out just the right dress for the annual State Basketball Awards, and they arranged for the radio announcer for the team, Chet Allen, to escort their Mom as she, along

with the entire girls’ team accepted their championship trophy.

Finally confident enough to enjoy a man’s company, Robyn danced the night away with Chet as her daughters watched while snuggling with their hunks. All three Winslow women became fully female soon after the twins’ 18th birthday – AKA prom night. That night, Robyn, Ingrid and Eliza each gave into their new desires and willingly surrendered their female virginities to their guys. They loved the way they felt as women – and as a close, happy family…

Curious to see how these girls became girls? Click below...

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