Wednesday, March 2, 2011

ANNIE'S CAPS - Manly Punishment – Womanly Reward

Manly Punishment – Womanly Reward

My name is Karen Murray, and by trying to teach the men in my life a lesson in a much needed lesson in humility – it was me that was humbled. My husband of 25 years, Herman, was an obnoxious lout , and our only son Dustin was his father’s son. I loved them, but I was tired of cleaning up their messes, and listening to them pop off about scantily clad models, sports, and other nonsense.

So I had a coworker who was from a long line of voodoo priestesses cast a spell on them as they slept off a night of drinking beer and playing cards. They woke up to an unfamiliar world.

As far as any one knows – LADIES – your male identities do not exist,. HILLARY – you are my dear sister, a lovely single lady in her 50s. DONNA – you will now call your former father Mom and I am now your Aunt Karen. You still have your jobs in banking and IT, only your salaries are slightly less and you spend a LOT more on clothes, beauty, but less on satellite TV and cigars. Oh, and you both have hunky BOYFRIENDS! Let’s see how big and bad you are after a month as a pair of blonde babes, Ciao!”

I think everything would have been perfect except that they enjoyed their new sexuality a little too much. They were terrified on their “first” dates with Charlie and George, but they soon found out what all we girls down deep know: you can control your man through his dick, and you can get ANYTHING your heart desires. That and the female orgasm is 1 million times more incredible than the males.

Within 2 weeks, Hillary and Donna were shopping together, all the time laughing and carrying on the way all girlfriends do. Then one day, they showed up on my door, wearing sexy new evening dresses that provocatively showed off their “new” assets, each smiling like a Cheshire cat.

Your good friend Jamilia told us what you did out of guilt – but she’s not surprised we have taken so well to being women,” smirked Hillary.

Donna cooed, And that’s why we’re staying this way forever. But you’re no longer her sister or my aunt. Goodbye forever, you bitch. – Let’s go mom, our men are waiting for us.”

I never saw them after that day…

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