Sunday, March 27, 2011

ANNIE'S CAPS - Guys Weekend

Jerry Duggan (32) told his buddies at work that he had promised his dad Art (55) a “guys’ weekend.” Well, technically, that was correct.

Underneath the designer clothes, hair extensions, and breast forms, they were still guys. But the father/son cross dressers addressed each other as mom and daughter. Immersed in their roles as two lovely blonde ladies, “Julie” and “Amanda” were inseparable as they primped at the spa, and they even posed for some darling photo shoots. Their bond was rock solid – that is until they hit the pub and soon found themselves in the arms of two suitors.

Technically, it was a guys weekend, eh! Except for one thing – Julie and Amanda would soon be leaving their guy lives behind to be the full-time girlfriends of their new lovers!

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