Thursday, February 24, 2011

SALUTE TO TIFFANY: A very special Annie's Caps

I sent this to my galpal Tiffany of Tiffany Trapped Caps - she the ablility to make what must be a 1000 amazing caps. :)

Eric promised his son Tony that dressing in drag was just “for fun” and they would always look back at Halloween and laugh about it.

“Isn’t it funny, TIFFANY?” the former father said to her ex-son. “We thought this would be a one time thing, until the rich doctor fell in love with me as ELANIE, and he assumed that you were my genetic daughter. Then he introduced to you to his son, and now we’re sexy girls full time! “

“I I know, MOM! It’s wonderful – it’s like a TG caption blog fantasy come true!”


Tiffany Manners said...

Thanks for posting this and for your lovely site! Keep them coming and i will do more for you (:


Annabelle Raven said...

Sure thing doll :)