Sunday, February 6, 2011

MOTB: Sisters FOURever

MOTB Tales: Sisters FOURever

A year ago, when my brother Craig shared with me his heart’s desire was to be a woman, a mother, and a man’s bride, I thought, Bro, you flipped your lid – you drive a tractor trailer, and your sons Jesse and Ryan love to play sports and act like little terrors, the way we used to do when we were growing up!

But in the three years I was away in the Army, I can see that this whole family has changed!

Not only was Craig now living as Candace,a curvy brunette who was in the arms of a doctor as his fiancee – but his boys had become HER daughters! The new Jodi and Ruthi were nothing like the hell raisers they had supplanted – they were devoted to their mom and were so excited to be in Candace’s bridal party.

“I still need to find a maid of honor – what do you say, baby sister?”

I froze – and rather than take flight, I chose to support my big sister and let her and her girlfriends take me under their wing.

The results were amazing! As

Cpl. Shawn Bryant, I was a tough guy. But when I emerged with golden blonde hair and my own curves, I was Sandra Bryant – Candi’s little sister, and “Aunt Sandi” to Jodi and Ruthi. Candi got me a job with her firm, where we got the nickname “Sister-taries” but sis resigned shortly to prepare for her new life as Mrs. Paul Court - homemaker and trophy wife. We enjoyed bonding as sisters while watching my nieces do the same.

Candi’s wedding day was incredible. She was soooo gorgeous and a vision in ivory. Ruthi was the cutest flower girl and Jodi was a doll as junior bridesmaid. Watching her femininity flourish in her first dance with a boy was so touching, both my sister and I choked back tears of pride.

As for yours truly – I can’t believe that I was such a pretty maid. Paul’s handsome best man Andrew escorted me into the church, and we danced all night – and later that night he opened my eyes to how wonderful being a desirable woman is. Oh my God! Maybe I have found Mr. Right?

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